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Erbs Palsy

erbs palsyErb’s Palsy Injury Attorney Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

Erb’s Palsy, also known as Erb’s Paralysis, is a common medical malpractice injury that occurs during childbirth. It involves injury to the brachial plexus and can result in complete or partial paralysis of the baby’s effected shoulder, arm and hand.  If your child suffered Erb’s Palsy injuries during childbirth you may be entitled to medical benefits and financial compensation. You should consult with our Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Erbs Palsy Attorneys immediately to discuss your rights.

Contact the Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Erb’s Palsy Lawyer at Friday & Cox to discuss filing your claim. You can also click here to email a Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Birth Injury Lawyer.

Causes of Erb’s Paralysis Injuries During Childbirth

It is important to note that Erb’s Palsy injuries, unlike many other birth injuries, are preventable. Erb’s Palsy is caused by excessive traction, or trauma during birth. This can be caused by the baby getting stuck in the birth canal during childbirth. This most often occurs when the baby’s shoulder gets stuck, or hung up on, the mother’s pubic bone. Also, larger than average babies are at risk for Erb’s Paralysis injuries due the basic mechanics of childbirth.

There are certain risk factors a woman exhibits during pregnancy. Some of these are:

Obesity in the mother


History of difficult births

History of mother giving birth to large babies

History of necessary Cesarean section (C-Section) birth

Excessive gestational period

It is the responsibility of your OB-GYN doctor to identify the mother and child’s risk for Erb’s Palsy. If they fail to do this, and your baby suffers Erb’s Palsy you may be able to seek legal recourse in the form of a medical malpractice lawsuit.

How Our Pittsburgh PA Erb’s Palsy Attorneys Can Help You

A child with a birth injury rarely ever recovers fully and leads a normal, productive life. Due to the negligence of the doctor, or hospital staff, your child will be cheated out of a high quality of life before their life even begins. In addition, the costs associated with treating birth injuries can be staggering as multiple surgeries, lifelong medical treatment and therapy are necessary.

All of these issues, and others, may entitle you and your baby to benefits and financial compensation. Let our Pittsburgh PA Birth Injury Lawyers fight to get you the benefits you deserve by identifying all liable parties and making them accountable legally. They our dedicated Pennsylvania Trial Lawyers who, should a settlement be unobtainable, will fight for your rights in the courtroom by escalating your case to the litigation phase if needed.

Contact A Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Child Birth Injury Attorney

You will find caring, compassionate and competent legal representation at Friday & Cox. our Pittsburgh Erb’s Palsy injury attorneys will determine the true value of your medical malpractice claim and get you the fair and just compensation you deserve. They handle birth injury lawsuits against all Pennsylvania hospitals such as Clarion Hospital, UPMC facilities, Penn State Healthcare Centers and University of Pennsylvania hospitals.

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