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Cement safety can reduce injuries at work

Many workers in Pennsylvania regularly come into contact with cement, which can actually be caustic to skin after exposure. At Friday & Cox LLC, our attorneys have seen the damage common workplace substances like cement can cause to employees when proper safety procedures have not been undertaken. That's why both employers as well as workers must make it a point to create a safe environment when cement work is a standard occurrence.

Fire safety can reduce the risk of burns at work

Burn injuries can pose a threat to Pennsylvania workers across many industries. For burns of a more serious nature, extensive medical treatment may be required, and a worker’s ability to earn a reasonable living may also be in jeopardy. Even relatively minor burn injuries can be extremely uncomfortable while also resulting in lost income.

Different types of neck injuries and how to treat them

No matter the industry, being injured on-the-job may occur unexpectedly. This includes the possibility of neck injuries, which can greatly hamper one’s ability to earn a living in Pennsylvania. Neck injuries entail many different forms, and could even require extensive medical treatment in order to achieve some much needed relief from symptoms.

How to prevent machine-related injuries in the workplace

As a Pennsylvania worker, you are most likely concerned with staying safe at your place of employment. If you regularly use heavy machinery or equipment, you may face a number of risks. Our legal team at Friday & Cox LLC, are well aware of the dangers that machinery can pose when all relevant safety standards are not observed, including the possibility of experiencing an injury due to faulty or improperly maintained equipment.

MRSA infections can cause injury to PA workers

Occupational illnesses like methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus can be a very serious concern for many Pennsylvania workers, particularly those employed in the field of health care, law enforcement and a number of other professions. Here at Friday & Cox LLC, we know all too well the damage that can be caused by MRSA within the workplace, the treatment of which can entail extensive medical care and even hospitalization.

What treatments are available if I experience a brain injury?

As a worker in Pennsylvania, you may face a daily risk of brain injury, which can have a wide-ranging impact on your life and well-being. In the event you suffer significant brain trauma in the workplace, you will likely be concerned about accessing essential medical treatment to help ease your recovery as much as possible.

Spinal injuries are a very serious concern within the workplace

For Pennsylvania workers, suffering a significant spinal cord injury can have a lasting impact on health and well-being. Not only will one’s ability to earn a satisfactory living be in jeopardy, meeting basic needs may also be inhibited, particularly when a spinal injury entails certain life-altering symptoms. The Mayo Clinic provides insight into the severity of spinal cord injuries, along with which symptoms should be taken most seriously.

Carpal tunnel can lead to distress and discomfort for workers

Whether toiling away at the office or hard at work on a construction site, Pennsylvania workers afflicted with carpal tunnel syndrome know just how painful this condition can be. While causes of carpal tunnel can range from genetic predisposition to past injuries, workplace stress is often a factor in developing this disorder.

Silicosis poses a serious health threat to construction workers

From heavy equipment operation to performing duties at great heights, Erie construction workers face a myriad of risks on a daily basis. While slightly less well-known, silicosis is a very serious medical condition affecting those in the construction industry that can cause extensive scarring in the lungs.

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