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Products liability: 1-year-old child swallows 20 magnetic balls

Pennsylvania parents may want to heed the warning of parents in another state who came to experience the dangers posed to children by magnetic toys. After their ordeal of facing the possible death of their child who will turn two years old soon, this family plans to file a products liability lawsuit. They aim to get manufacturers and distributors to remove these toys from the market -- even though the products are marketed as adult desk toys.

Dangerous toys could lead to products liability lawsuits

It is only natural for Pennsylvania parents to want to protect their children from harm, but many of them also rush out to buy every new toy that comes onto the market. Although the Consumer Product Safety Commission tries to prevent dangerous toys from landing on the shelves, some are only identified as hazardous after thousands of them have been sold. Vigilance by parents is required to keep their children safe and avoid the need for filing products liability lawsuits.

Products liability claims may follow fire extinguisher recall

Manufacturers can be held responsible for harm caused by defective products. Consumers nationwide recently learned that the Consumer Product Safety Commission announced recall action after receiving almost 300 reports of malfunctioning fire extinguishers. Pennsylvania consumers who suffered personal injury as the result of such a defect may have grounds for filing products liability lawsuits.

Maker of pacifier clip may have to face products liability claim.

Although the Consumer Product Safety Commission strives to protect consumers in Pennsylvania and other states from harm caused by defective merchandise, not all dangerous products are identified before they are introduced to the market. It is not uncommon for recall action to be taken only after consumer injuries have been reported. Many of these incidents lead to products liability lawsuits.

Products liability claims may follow recalled fitness gear

It is the responsibility of all manufacturers to ensure that the products they manufacture and sell are safe. They must identify potential safety concerns before introducing products to the market. Disregarded or overlooked defects can put consumers at risk of injury and may expose the company to products liability action. Dick's Sporting Goods, a company with several stores in Pennsylvania, recently announced the recall of one of its products that have caused injuries to consumers.

Products liability: Driver claims iPhones cause car accidents

Pennsylvania residents may be aware that on August 17, a judge dismissed a lawsuit against Apple that alleged the mobile phone producer was responsible for an accident caused by a distracted driver. Now, another products liability lawsuit has been filed in another state as a class action case against the maker of the iPhone. The defendant argues that the cosmetics manufacturer is not held responsible when a driver causes a rear-end crash because she was applying makeup while driving, and this is the same scenario.

Products liability -- Range of dietary supplements recalled

Medical conditions can be cured, and lives can be saved by prescription drugs. As thousands of products liability lawsuits prove -- nationwide and in Pennsylvania -- prescription and over-the-counter drugs can also cause harm through severe adverse effects and even death. Although the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has strict guidelines, policies and standards to ensure consumer safety through regulation of drugs, it could take a considerable time before dangerous drugs are removed from the market.

Vehicles cause many road construction workers' accidents

Paving, repairing and maintaining the roads of Pennsylvania puts those who work in the industry at great risk. They face hazards from the elements, the equipment and materials used and the vehicles that many of them are around as pedestrians while they work. Even when safety precautions are taken, this makes vehicles a significant cause of road construction workers' accidents here in the state and across the country.

Another food company faces potential products liability claims

In the 21st century, instances of food contamination should be rare. Sadly, it appears as though the media here in Pennsylvania and across the country relays news of food recalls due to some sort of contamination more often than seems reasonable. In fact, yet another food company could face products liability claims in the wake of a recall of its products.

Facing a product liability-workers' comp crossroad

Workers' compensation is supposed to be straightforward. If a Pittsburgh-area worker gets injured on the job, workers' compensation insurance covers the cost of immediate medical treatment, physical or occupational therapy that might be needed, and wage losses. The objective is to ensure a smooth delivery of help and service by removing the threat of legal action over who might be to blame.

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