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Baby rattles recalled due to choking hazard

For decades, rattles have been one of the go-to first toys a baby receives. Not only do rattles teach babies how to hold an object, but the sounds a rattle makes can be both soothing to the baby and good for the baby's development. The last thing parents want to hear is that their baby's rattle poses a threat to their safety, or a choking hazard.

When household products do you harm

Are the products we are using on a day-to-day basis deleterious to our health? If so, some of them could be brand names we have trusted and purchased for decades. Even though products on supermarket shelves may be FDA approved, they could still hold potential risks. The injury from a defective product might be relatively minor, such as a mild rash from an improperly tested skin lotion, or it might be as serious as automobile brakes that fail under a particular set of circumstances.

Pa Supreme Court's Tincher Opinion and Its Impact on Product Liability Cases

Recently the Pennsylvania Supreme Court decided an important case in the area of product liability law.  The opinion in Tincher v. Omega Flex has clarified the Pennsylvania law in the product liability arena.  Product liability cases are those in which a consumer or user of a product is injured by the product.  The injured person usually brings a claim against the product's manufacturer claiming that the product which caused the injury was defective.  Product liability cases cover a wide range of products from drugs, automobiles, tools, to children's toys.  

Defective Airbag Actions Might be Headed to Pittsburgh for Decision

When defective products are sold nationwide and injury results from the use of the product it is only natural that a number of lawsuits are filed in various courts throughout the nation.  The parties of the action may want to consolidate all the actions with common issues of fact to streamline the legal process and preserve resources for potential recovery by the victims.  Multidistrict litigation (MDL) is a term used to describe the consolidation of several federal actions filed in separate federal districts into one district for litigation and decision.

Recall of Gas Fireplaces and Inserts

Hearth & Home Technologies is recalling certain models of Gas Fireplaces, Stoves, Inserts and Log Set sold from May through July 2014 due to a faulty gas control valve which can pose a fire risk.  If you believe you may have a unit that is subject to the recall please contact Hearth & Home Technologies at 800-883-6690.  

Dangerous Baby Monitors Recalled After Two Infant Deaths

Injures, and fatalities, often occur when a product is defective or fails to contain sufficient warnings.  Tragically dangerous products that cause injury are often children's toys and products.  Children due to their youth do not recognize that serious injury may result from cords, small objects, batteries, or a number of other objects that are often components of children's toys and products.  Baby monitors pose a risk to infants when the cords are placed in close proximity to the crib. 

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