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Pittsburgh hunters beware of exploding rifle

The Allegheny Mountains and the woodland areas surrounding Pittsburgh provide plenty of opportunities for hunting enthusiasts to hunt bucks and other wildlife. Children of both genders often accompany their parents into the woods to learn the basics of safe hunting at a young age.

Follow these tips to stay safe while working construction

Working on a construction site in Pittsburgh is dangerous. Hazards not only lurk around every corner, but they are both above and below you. Every moment you are on a job site, you are at risk of suffering an injury due to falling in a hole, electrical shock, collapsing supports and an endless list of other potential accidents.

Drug manufacturers and product liability

Imagine trying a new anti-aging face cream that just hit the market. Your doctor prescribed the cream, so you were not overly concerned about the effects. When you picked up the cream at your local Pittsburgh pharmacy you did not see any negative effects listed on the container and the pharmacist did not mention anything you should be aware of, so you made the natural assumption that the product was safe.

Catastrophic injuries: When fireworks backfire

As the Fourth of July approaches, you may be looking forward to using fireworks at home or going to see a fireworks display. What you may not be aware of is the risk that display is to you and your family. Fireworks, when set off correctly, should not be a danger to anyone, but the truth is that things can go wrong.

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