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Auto defects: Harley-Davidson recall 175,000 motorcycles

Manufacturers of automotive products are responsible for bringing products to the market that will not compromise the safety of occupants of vehicles. This applies to all types of autos, including motorcycles. Pennsylvania owners of Harley-Davidson motorcycles may be interested in a recent recall announcement by the manufacturer of their bikes due to auto defects.

Auto defects: Minor crash causes another Takata airbag fatality

Recent reports indicated that another person's death was caused by a Takata airbag. Pennsylvania owners of Honda Accords may be wise to check recall notices if they have not yet had the airbags in their vehicles replaced to avoid being the victims of auto defects that could cause fatal injuries. Investigations into the cause of the death of a mother in another state were concluded, and authorities say the airbag was to blame.

2018 Kia Sorentos recalled due to auto defects

Vehicle owners in Pennsylvania and other states who purchase new vehicles expect those vehicles to take them safely to any destination. However, recalls of vehicles with defects that threatened the safety of motorists were prevalent this past year. One of the most significant auto defects that led to recall action was airbags that deployed unexpectedly, exploded or malfunctioned in other manners. While one would expect that problem to be resolved after all those recalls, another airbag-related recall was recently announced.

Safety group seeks recall of Pacifica with alleged auto defects

Pennsylvania owners of 2017 Chrysler Pacifica may be interested in learning that the Center for Auto Safety is asking the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to order the recall of these vehicles. According to the safety group, over 50 Pacifica owners have experienced a sudden loss of power and stalling with no warning. Although the manufacturer, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, says no injuries or accidents have been reported to them, the group is asking NHTSA to investigate the alleged auto defects in the Pacificas.

GM agrees to settle after another auto defects probe

Following several other settlements, automaker General Motors Co. recently agreed to yet another one. This time, the company will settle a state attorneys general auto defects probe in all 50 states into what is deemed to be the mishandling of a defective ignition switch that apparently caused many injuries and numerous deaths in Pennsylvania and other states. GM will pay $120 million in settlement of this latest case.

General Motors facing auto defects lawsuit re collapsing seats

Consumers in Pennsylvania and other states are entitled to seek recovery of damages if they have been victims of defective products. Following the death of one child, and severe injuries to another, their parents have filed a lawsuit in another state, claiming auto defects. The claim relates to an accident in 2015 when their vehicle was rear-ended by another.

Auto defects: 700,000 pickup trucks pose deadly threats

Every year, thousands of people in Pennsylvania and other states suffer injuries caused by defective products. Many of the incidents that cause these injuries involve auto defects. The law requires manufacturers and others in the chain of supply to ensure that no products that fail to meet the consumers' ordinary expectations are introduced into the market. These entities can be held liable if dangerous or defective products cause injuries.

People could suffer injuries while auto defects are investigated

Pennsylvania residents may believe that when a problem arises with a type of vehicle, a recall will be issued in order to prevent anyone from suffering injuries due to the issue. In reality, an investigation is often conducted first, and that could take some time during which the public may not be made aware of the auto defects. This could result in an increasing number of incidents in which people suffer serious or fatal injuries.

Did the recall notice re auto defects come too late for you?

In recent years, automakers have sustained numerous setbacks. The recalls of vehicles for auto defects such as defective airbags, ignition switches and brakes seem to come more often and affect a larger number of vehicles than ever before here in the United States, including on many here in Pennsylvania. Unfortunately, a recall could come too late to keep you from suffering serious injuries caused by or contributed to by an auto defect.

Dangerous auto defects affect up to 1M Hyundai vehicles

The national "click it or ticket" campaign reminds drivers to buckle up. Research shows that seat belts save thousands of lives each year, and many Pennsylvania drivers diligently use them just like many others around the country. What happens when you cannot count on your seat belt to work even when you use it? The scary thing is that earlier this year, almost one million Hyundai owners were experiencing this fear due to a recall for failing seat belts. Auto defects in vehicles' basic safety features pose a threat to the safety and lives of drivers and should be dealt with as quickly as possible.

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