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Pennsylvania Workers Compensation Lawyers


In the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania there are dozens of manufacturing plants, industrial plants and construction companies where one can work. These employment settings can also be the scene of tragic work related accidents or work related injuries. A very serious type of work related injury is an explosion injury or explosion related accident. More often than not negligence is the cause of workplace explosions. This negligence can be in the form of low management standards, poorly maintained equipment, improper training or defective equipment. If you or a loved one have been hurt, injured or killed in an explosion accident at work it is in your best interest to work with our Pittsburgh Explosion Accident Attorneys.

Please know that you do not have to face this tragedy alone and you do have rights. You can click here to contact our Pennsylvania Workers Compensation Lawyers to schedule a free consultation. No fee unless we recover benefits and compensation for you and your family.

Causes Of Workplace Explosions

Workplace explosions can be caused by a variety of factors and practices such as:

OSHA Violations

HazMat Violations

Defective Wiring 

Faulty Wiring

Gas Leaks

Defective Products

Flammable Dust in Air Or Atmosphere

Accidental Mixing Of Explosive Chemicals

Injuries Sustained In Workplace Explosions

Victims of workplace accidents involving explosions may endure a variety or very serious, life threatening injuries. Typical injuries seen in an explosion are burns, scarring injuries, injuries resulting in loss of use or permanent impairment. Hearing loss and vision loss can also commonly be the end result of an explosion accident in the workplace. Injuries involving the Central Nervous System, which is comprised of the brain and spinal column are also common in an explosion accident. Often times an explosion can also result in some form of paralysis or wrongful death.

Determining Liability In An Explosion Accident

Discovering the cause of an explosion is the most important aspect of a Pennsylvania Explosion Injury claim. This is often difficult since the explosion and ensuing fires can destroy the evidence necessary to determine cause. Identifying the responsible person, party or entity is often very complicated. Our Pennsylvania Workplace Injury Lawyers work with a team of experts and investigators when handling explosion injury lawsuits in Pennsylvania. Let our McKeesport workers’ comp attorneys get you and your family the compensation and benefits you are entitled to for your injuries.

Pressure Cooker Explosions

pressure cooker explosion lawsuits

In addition to workplace burns and explosions our Pittsburgh & Charleston, WV injury attorneys also handle pressure cooker explosions that occur in your home. Millions of pressure cookers have been recalled due to faulty safety featured and flawed designs. These explosions can destroy your entire kitchen and cause severe and life altering burns as well as shrapnel injuries to those within the blast radius. This includes your children. If you, or your spouse, child or loved one has been injured due to an exploding pressure cooker please connect with our PA & WV burn injury attorneys to discuss your claim. Pressure cooker burn injury lawsuits are filed against the manufacturer of the pressure cooker. Your homeowners insurance policy or renters insurance policy may also be held liable in these cases. Our injury attorneys handle rice steamer, gas camping stove, pressure cooker and crock pot burn injury cases nationwide. Let our catastrophic injury attorneys put their experience to work for you.

Contact A Pennsylvania Burn Injury & Explosion Accident Lawyer

If you or a family member have been hurt, injured or killed at work in an explosion accident you may be entitled to compensation and benefits for your injuries. For many years our Erie, PA Work Injury Lawyers have been successfully and competently handling workers compensation claims in Pennsylvania. They are skilled Pennsylvania Trial Lawyers who is not immune to taking your case to trial should a settlement not be reached. Our legal team offers free consultations to workplace accident and injury victims throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. In addition, they operate on a contingency fee basis meaning that they collect no fees unless they recover on your behalf.

Proudly helping injured full time, part time, seasonal and undocumented workers in Pennsylvania including the Altoona, Bethel Park, Erie, Pittsburgh & State College areas.