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Verdicts and Settlements

Over $100,000,000.00 in recoveries since 2010

$12.8 Million Verdict – Furnace Explosion

Plaintiffs Rudolph Paci and James Sutch were burned when a half-ton furnace exploded, severely burning both men. Mr. Paci suffered burns over 65% of his body. He fell into a coma, and was administered last rites in anticipation of his death. Mr. Paci survived, but due to skin grafts over 95% of his body is permanently disfigured. He remains unable to work, as his sweat and oil glands were destroyed and his body is unable to regulate temperature. A Washington County jury awarded him $9.6 million and Jennifer, his wife, received $80,000.

Mr. Sutch also sustained severe burns, affecting 22% of his body, and 33% is permanently disfigured due to extensive skin grafting. He was able to return to work. The jury awarded Mr. Sutch $3.02 million and his wife Michelle was awarded $50,000.

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Fall From Bridge – Skull Fracture and Degloving

Husband plaintiff fell 55-feet from bridge construction project, thereby sustaining multiple spinal burst fractures, skull fracture with facial and head degloving, fractured knee cap, and fractured foot. Plaintiffs alleged that defendant employer violated West Virginia’s Mandolidis employer liability law, and that an equipment supplier defectively designed and built a remote-controlled system to operate a track hoe for bridge demolition.
Result: Confidential Settlement

Mining Car Accident – Organ Loss

Board suspended from underground mine ceiling penetrated the passenger compartment of mine portal bus, causing severe abdominal injuries resulting in more than 15 abdominal surgeries, internal organ loss and infection. Plaintiff alleged that FMC Corporation’s portal bus was defectively designed because it allowed a one-fourth inch Plexiglass shield to protect riders from foreign objects when portal bus was traveling at speeds of over 30 miles per hour. In addition, plaintiff alleged that defendant mine owner negligently failed to maintain mine conditions, which caused and allowed a one-by-six board to hang from ceiling and contact windshield of portal bus.
Result: Settlement of over $1 Million

Machine Accident – Amputation

Plaintiff’s left hand and lower forearm were amputated from severe crush injury when left hand was pulled into a “horizontal mixing mill” when defective stop bar failed.
Result: Settlement of over $1 Million

Fall from Construction Site – Coma

Plaintiff was employed as an apprentice window glazier. While installing windows, he fell approximately 40-feet through a third story window and sustained catastrophic injuries, including fractured skull, coma, and multiple fractures and dislocations to his arms, legs, hands, wrists, and feet. Plaintiff had been instructed to work without safety equipment, including safety fall hazard protection equipment. Plaintiff’s coworkers worked from an aerial basket suspended from a boom lift outside the at-issue building installing remaining window frames, while plaintiff worked inside, aligning and fastening the window framing material while unprotected.
Result: Confidential Settlement

Fall Through Defective Scaffolding – Severe Leg Fracture

Plaintiff, 38, suffered a severe lower leg fracture resulting in reconstructive surgery after he fell approximately 15-feet when the worksite scaffolding supplier provided non-OSHA approved scaffold planks, which broke across a knot in the wooden plank.
Result: $215,000 Settlement

Propane System Explosion – Death

Plaintiff’s decedent was working in the guest house adjacent to his residence when a propane heating system leaked, causing a sudden explosion. Decedent suffered catastrophic burn injuries to 100% of his body, resulting in his death.
Result: Confidential Settlement

Forklift Accident – Near Amputation

Husband plaintiff, 31, sustained severe crush injury to his right food when it was pinned against a concrete wall by a 5,000-pound forklift. Injuries resulted in multiple surgeries, near amputation of right lower leg and lifelong chronic pain and limitation. Plaintiffs alleged that stand up rear entry forklift was defectively designed and malfunctioning, causing operators to leave the protected area of the forklift.
Result: Confidential Settlement

Bad Faith Insurance Practice – Loss of Home

Plaintiff’s historic home valued at over $1 million caught fire and was a total loss. Plaintiff alleged that the defendant Compass Insurance failed to timely and properly pay for their fire loss, and falsely accused plaintiffs of committing arson.
Result: Confidential Settlement

Traffic Accident – Resulting In Catastrophic Injuries

Auto accident in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. Plaintiff suffered arm, back, hip and head injuries.
Result: $600,000 Settlement