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pittsburgh child injury lawyers

Child Injury Attorneys Pittsburgh PA

When operating a motor vehicle in Pennsylvania it is very important that safety precautions and rules of the road are adhered to. This is for your protection, other drivers protection and the protection of passengers in your car. While it is often taken for granted, the speed at which automobiles travel carry with it a potential for accident and injury. Even at a lesser speed an automobile accident can inflict serious damage and injury. This is especially true of children involved in a motor vehicle accident as they are more vulnerable to certain injuries than adults involved in the same accident.

If your child has been hurt or injured in an automobile accident in the Altoona, Erie, Pittsburgh or State College, Pennsylvania areas it is in your best interest to contact our Pittsburgh child injury lawyers. Please connect with our legal team here. Our Pennsylvania child injury attorneys have many years experience handling car accidents involving children throughout Western PA. The PA child accident lawyers on our team are skilled Pennsylvania Trial Lawyers who will take your case to court if a favorable settlement cannot be obtained. The Bethel Park child injury attorneys at Friday & Cox, LLC will do their absolute best to get your child the fair and just compensation they are entitled to for their injuries.

Types Of Accidents Involving Children In Pennsylvania

Our Pittsburgh Pediatric Injury Lawyers believe that any person, corporate or government entity who endangers a child’s life by speeding, reckless driving, driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol or failing to properly maintain their vehicle needs to be held accountable for the damage, hurt and injuries they have caused. Some types of motor vehicle accidents that can involve children are:

Automobile Accidents

School Bus & School Accidents

Pedestrian Accidents

Tractor Trailer Accidents

Inattentive Driving Accidents

Drunk Driving Accidents

Child Sexual Abuse

Animal Attacks

Slip & Fall Accidents

Defective Products

Swimming & Playground Accidents

Possible Long Term Effects Of Childhood Injuries

While children may heal more quickly than an adult in some circumstances there may be long term effects of a childhood injury that does not pertain to adults. For example, if a child breaks or fractures a bone in a motor vehicle accident the growth plates can be effected. If the injuries are severe enough long term care may be necessary many years after the accident. Potential impairment or loss of use of the child’s limbs may also be experienced after the injuries have healed.

If a child suffers a brain injury there may be complications later in the child’s life . It is very difficult to assess the possible loss of brain function in a child after a car accident. This is due to the part of the brain that has been injured may not develop and be used for several years after the accident. For instance if the part of the brain that controls motor skills such as writing is injured as a toddler it may not become evident until the child reaches school age and delayed signs of development are displayed. A qualified Washington, PA Child Accident Lawyer can anticipate these complications and ensure that you are awarded full compensation, current and future medical benefits based on your child’s injuries.

Contact A Pittsburgh Child Traffic Accident Attorney

Injuries that are sustained by a minor in a motor vehicle accident in Maryland can impact their lives forever. Our Pittsburgh chili injury attorneys will do their best to get you the compensation and medical benefits you are entitled to for your child’s injuries, pain, suffering and medical expenses. If your child has been injured in an automobile accident in the Altoona, Erie, Pittsburgh or State College areas  please contact our Allegheny County Child Accident and Injury Lawyers.