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Crosswalk Accidents

Pittsburgh Crosswalk Accident Attorneys

If you are walking across he street and you are struck by a car, truck or motorcycle you have been involved in a pedestrian accident with you being the pedestrian. There are several types of pedestrian accidents. One of the most common types of pedestrian accidents are crosswalk accidents. Crosswalks exist at every intersection in Pennsylvania even though some may not be marked. Traffic signals often dictate when it is safe to cross the street yet accidents can still happen. Being the victim of a crosswalk accident in downtown Pittsburgh, University of Pittsburgh, Penn State campus, in Erie or anywhere may entitle you to benefits and financial compensation. You need the help of our Pittsburgh crosswalk accident lawyers

To take advantage of the free case reviews offered by our Pittsburgh injury attorneys please click here. They charge no fees if they do not win for you. Serving all of Pennsylvania including Allegheny County, Erie County, Dauphin County, York County, Lancaster County, Lehigh County and Philadelphia County. 

If you, a loved one or family member has been injured in a crosswalk accident in Pennsylvania please call our Pittsburgh PA crosswalk accident lawyers. You can also email the firm here. Our team of Bethel Park, Pennsylvania Crosswalk Accident Attorneys possess many years experience handling crosswalk accident and pedestrian accident cases in Altoona, Bethel Park, Pittsburgh, Erie, University of Pittsburgh and State College.

Crosswalk Accident Statistics

According to 6,227 pedestrians died in traffic accidents in 2018 throughout the United States. This number is the highest number of fatal accidents, wrongful death and accidental death cases in nearly 30 years. The findings from a Governors Highway Safety Association report show that many of these deaths occurred in big cities such as Philadelphia and Pittsburgh..

The signs are all over most cities — stretches of road without crosswalks and people needing to walk on roads built for rush-hour traffic. But the real increase, experts say, comes from larger trends: drivers and pedestrians distracted by their phones and a growth of larger vehicles on the road.

Causes Of Crosswalk Accidents In Pennsylvania

There are several scenarios that can lead to a crosswalk accident in the Commonwealth of P such as:

Speeding Through Intersection

Failing To Yield

Inattentive Driving

Changing Lanes At Intersection

Malfunctioning Traffic Signals

Running Stop Signs

Recovering Losses In Crosswalk Accident & Intersection Accidents

Being struck by an oncoming vehicle in a crosswalk can result in devastating injuries, paralysis and even death. If you are injured you may miss work, lose wages due to missing work, incur extraordinary medical bills and endure pain and physical discomfort. Working with a Pennsylvania pedestrian accident attorney can help ensure that you get the monetary compensation you deserve for your injuries. This will allow you to place emphasis on recovering physically and emotionally from your injuries.

Contact Our Pittsburgh Crosswalk Accident Lawyers

Please feel free to call our Pittsburgh crosswalk accident lawyers if you have been injured in a crosswalk accident in Pennsylvania. You can email our University of Pittsburgh injury attorneys by clicking here. Let our accident attorneys use their vast experience and work on your behalf to get you the benefits and compensation you deserve. The Pittsburgh injury lawyers at Friday & Cox, LLC operate on a contingency fee basis which means he charges no fee unless he recovers on your behalf. They also offer free consultations to accident victims and their families.