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Workplace Accidents Archives

Ladder safety can prevent accidents in the workplace

Ladders are a common tool among many Pennsylvania workers. While use of ladders seems rather straightforward, failure to utilize the proper procedures can result in a significant workplace accident. Falls from ladders can cause devastating injuries, and in some cases may even lead to death.

Do I have the right to refuse hazardous working conditions?

As a Pennsylvania worker, your employer is obligated to ensure your place of work remains safe and secure at all times. However, in the event that you do encounter hazardous working conditions that could possibly cause an injury to you or your fellow workers, you do have the right to refuse dangerous tasks until the issue has been rectified.

How likely am I to be injured in a fall at a retail workplace?

If you are employed in a retail or wholesale environment, you might assume that your workplace is relatively safe compared to more hazardous situations. However, injuries resulting from slips-and-falls are quite common in these working environments, which means that as a Pennsylvania worker, you may be more at risk then you think.

Oil and gas industry can prove dangerous for many workers

Oil and gas workers are the backbone of many regions all over Pennsylvania, as evidenced by the industry boom that has taken place over the past few years. According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, a number of these workers have also seen fatality rates increase along with rising job prospects.

Reviewing workplace accidents in Pennsylvania

When someone is hurt at work, they may experience all sorts of hardships. Not only do injured workers often face severe physical pain, but many have financial problems after an accident because of lost wages or hospital bills they can't afford. Furthermore, life may never return to normal for some injured workers, whether they have to deal with an injury for the rest of their life or cannot return to work. For employers and employees in Erie, and across Pennsylvania, reviewing workplace accident statistics may help prevent future incidents from occurring.

Garbage truck worker killed in backup accident

As numerous posts in this blog have pointed out, there are some jobs that are inherently more dangerous than others. Construction and industrial work are near the top of the list, but so are drivers for particular professions. Commercial drivers who navigate busy city streets in Pennsylvania are no exception. Workers’ compensation law under the Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry is meant to provide benefits for those injured in workplace accidents, but the law may also compensate the families of victims who were killed on the job. The purpose of death benefits is to aid those who are impacted by the loss of a deceased family member’s income.

Combustible materials put oil and gas workers in danger

There are a greater number of fatalities from fires and explosions in the oil and gas business than in any other private industry in the U.S., according to Environment and Energy Publishing. E&E states that oil and gas workers in Pennsylvania and the rest of the country comprise less than one percent of the national workforce, but make up ten percent of all fatal workplace accidents from fire and explosions. At Friday & Cox LLC, we understand that when you work with highly combustible materials, you are at risk for injury and death every day.

Pennsylvania tree cutter seriously injured by falling tree

Any Pennsylvania resident with a job understands that there are certain risks that come with the job, no matter how seemingly harmless the position is. For example, those working in an office setting where they sit most of the time might suffer from repetitive stress injuries by working on computers. They might also trip and fall over an item left on the floor, or come down with a contagious illness that a co-worker brought to work. Even so, some industries are more dangerous than others. The construction field comes to mind, with its high risk of being injured by operating heavy equipment and other construction duties. The logging and forestry industries are also dangerous jobs due to numerous factors.

Dangers of oil and gas extraction

If you ask people around the nation to name a few states in which oil and natural gas production are important industries, Pennsylvania's name rarely comes up. But those of us in the western part of the state especially know of the Marcellus Shale formation that sweeps underground, providing rich deposits of shale oil and shale gas -- as well as being a source of good jobs.

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