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How can I reduce the risk of mining injury?

If you are currently employed as a miner in Pennsylvania, you most likely face a number of hazards on a daily basis. These hazards can lead to catastrophic injury or even death without the proper safety measures in place. Accordingly, it's important to know what steps you and your employer can take to mitigate the chance of debilitating injury.

Protection against chemical exposure is a must

Being employed in an industrial workplace can entail exposure to a number of hazardous conditions. Workers in Pennsylvania may even come into contact with dangerous chemicals, which can result in significant injury and illness. Being aware of the proper procedures as well as possible risks can reduce a worker’s chance of suffering a serious illness while completing tasks within an industrial environment.

Explosion at oil well underscores on-the-job risks

For oil field workers in Pennsylvania, every day on the job can include a number of very serious and possibly life-threatening risks. Due to the inherent dangers associated with jobs within the oil and gas industries, employers must take every precaution to ensure workers remain safe and secure. Failure to do so can result in devastating consequences, including the loss of life.

Industrial workers face high risk of falls

If you are an industrial or construction worker in Pennsylvania, you know firsthand the risk falls can pose within your workplace. This is especially true if you regularly work from rooftops or scaffolding, which are known as a common cause of injury among many workers. Here at Friday & Cox LLC, we know the risks that exist, which can lead to a fall and serious injury.

Accident prevention is crucial in the mining industry

While the mining industry can provide many workers in Pennsylvania a decent living, there exists a number of serious risks that can cause injury or even death. That's why accident prevention remains an important topic among workers currently employed in mines, as well as those tasked with maintaining a safe environment free of preventable accidents.

How can chemical exposure in the workplace affect me?

If you are an industrial worker in Erie, you are no doubt concerned about the possibility of chemical exposures in the workplace and the effects these chemicals can have on your health. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention illustrates the different effects chemicals can have on your health.

Hazard prevention is a must in industrial workplaces

While preventing workplace hazards is essential for virtually every profession, it’s particularly important to industrial workers. Fortunately, there are quite a few methods Erie workers can utilize to ensure their on-the-job environment is as safe as possible.

Miners may be at risk of illness from radiation exposure

At the law office of Friday & Cox LLC, we have handled numerous workers’ compensation cases over the years in which miners were gravely injured in workplace accidents. If you’re a miner in Pennsylvania, you already know that you face a variety of dangers on the job every day, including explosions, cave-ins, faulty equipment and suffocation from poor air quality. However, you may not realize that you might also face an occupational illness from radiation exposure in a mine.

Grain engulfment poses serious danger to farm workers

The farming industry is a booming job market in Pennsylvania that carries the potential for many workplace accidents. These may include such incidents as faulty machinery causing an injury, products or equipment falling on a worker or livestock injuring someone. Farm workers may also be seriously injured or killed in incidents known as grain engulfment.

Pittsburgh-area worker's leg crushed in industrial accident

Just a half-hour drive northwest of Pittsburgh brings you to Ambridge. Named after a bridge-making company, the town was once one of the centers of the American steel industry. While times have changed, steel fabrication continues in the town along the Ohio River.

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