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July 2017 Archives

Vehicles cause many road construction workers' accidents

Paving, repairing and maintaining the roads of Pennsylvania puts those who work in the industry at great risk. They face hazards from the elements, the equipment and materials used and the vehicles that many of them are around as pedestrians while they work. Even when safety precautions are taken, this makes vehicles a significant cause of road construction workers' accidents here in the state and across the country.

Life-threatening infections could mean nursing home neglect

The miracles of modern medicine help many Pennsylvania residents live longer than at any other time in the state's history. As a result, a larger number of the population ends up needing long-term care from their families, assisted living centers or nursing homes. This means that the potential for nursing home neglect may only continue to rise as well, and it may come from a variety of sources.

Did the recall notice re auto defects come too late for you?

In recent years, automakers have sustained numerous setbacks. The recalls of vehicles for auto defects such as defective airbags, ignition switches and brakes seem to come more often and affect a larger number of vehicles than ever before here in the United States, including on many here in Pennsylvania. Unfortunately, a recall could come too late to keep you from suffering serious injuries caused by or contributed to by an auto defect.

Many construction workers' accidents occur from falls

Every Pennsylvania worker faces hazards, and some are more prevalent than others. For construction workers, one of the most common dangers comes from falls. You may spend a significant amount of time on scaffolding. Falls from these structures make up a large portion of the construction workers' accidents that occur.

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