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Facing a product liability-workers' comp crossroad

Workers' compensation is supposed to be straightforward. If a Pittsburgh-area worker gets injured on the job, workers' compensation insurance covers the cost of immediate medical treatment, physical or occupational therapy that might be needed, and wage losses. The objective is to ensure a smooth delivery of help and service by removing the threat of legal action over who might be to blame.

This concept of "exclusive remedy" is not always the end of the story, however. While a worker might not be able to sue his or her employer for compensation, it may be possible to pursue recovery from a third party. For example, if defective parts in work machinery caused the injury, a products liability claim against the manufacturer may be possible.

A caveat about third-party claims

There is a caution that deserves consideration as you seek an experienced attorney's input on what your legal options might be. That is, even though your employer isn't a direct party to any suit you might bring against a third party, the company or the company's workers' compensation insurance provider does have a right to recover what they paid in benefits from any damage award the suit might deliver.

This right of subrogation is spelled out under section 319 of the state's workers' compensation statute. In addition to recovery of direct benefit costs, the employer might also be entitled to recover some of their legal costs. Depending on the specific circumstances of your case, however, the employer or the insurance company might not be eligible to collect under subrogation.

What's clear is that navigating the intersection of workers' compensation and personal injury law can be like encountering the spaghetti junction interchange near Pittsburgh International Airport. Consulting a skilled attorney can help get you through the loops and turns more smoothly.

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