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Conditions that lead to a serious indoor slip-and-fall accident

When you visit a retail store, office building or any other public place, you assume that your safety will always come first.

Unfortunately, there are many conditions that can lead to a serous indoor slip-and-fall accident. If this happens, you could soon find that your life is no longer the same.

Here are some of the many conditions that can cause an accident:

-- Wet floors. Even if there are signs stating that the floor is wet, it's possible that you could still slip and fall.

-- The use of too much polish or wax. It's not uncommon to use polish or wax on hard surfaces. The problem with this is that too much of this product can make the surface slippery, thus increasing the likelihood of a fall.

-- Defective carpet. This can include everything from bulging areas to low spots.

-- Missing steps. When you climb or descend a set of stairs, you expect that all of them will be there. You also expect that they will be in good working condition. This isn't always the case.

-- Missing or broken handrail. It's common to lean on a handrail when going up or down stairs. If this is missing or broken, there is a greater chance of an accident.

-- Malfunctioning elevator or escalator. Both of these things are meant to carry passengers with efficiency and in a safe manner, but this isn't always the way things work out. For instance, a jerking escalator could result in a fall.

If you slip and fall and suffer an injury, you should turn your immediate attention to receiving medical treatment. You don't want to delay, as doing so could hinder your ability to make a full recovery.

Once you know your injuries and the treatment that's best for you, it's time to learn more about the accident. This is when you'll focus on the cause, including if another party can be held responsible.

If you find that the negligence of somebody else, such as a landlord, lead to your accident, you may be able to file a lawsuit. This could be the best way to receive compensation for your injuries and any other damages.

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