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June 2017 Archives

Another food company faces potential products liability claims

In the 21st century, instances of food contamination should be rare. Sadly, it appears as though the media here in Pennsylvania and across the country relays news of food recalls due to some sort of contamination more often than seems reasonable. In fact, yet another food company could face products liability claims in the wake of a recall of its products.

Construction workers' accidents: The summer heat

Hot days are ahead for Pennsylvania. For those who work on outdoor construction projects (or even hot indoor ones), the summer heat can lead to construction workers' accidents. If a worker suffers from a heat-related illness while on a scaffold, roof or anywhere actually, it could easily cause a fall or other mishap that leads to serious or fatal injuries.

Get the facts to report nursing home neglect or abuse

Finding the appropriate place for an elderly loved one to receive care in his or her twilight years can be a daunting task. Pennsylvania residents may discover the disturbing truth that neglect and/or abuse is reported in one out of every three nursing homes. This makes many families vigilant in looking for signs of nursing home neglect or abuse.

The disconcerting existence of nursing home neglect

No matter how careful you may be in choosing a place here in Pennsylvania where your elderly loved one can receive much needed care, no guarantee exists that appropriate care will be given. Sadly, nursing home neglect is not new. Far too many families discover that the loved ones they entrusted to a nursing home ended up harmed.

Facing a product liability-workers' comp crossroad

Workers' compensation is supposed to be straightforward. If a Pittsburgh-area worker gets injured on the job, workers' compensation insurance covers the cost of immediate medical treatment, physical or occupational therapy that might be needed, and wage losses. The objective is to ensure a smooth delivery of help and service by removing the threat of legal action over who might be to blame.

Dangerous auto defects affect up to 1M Hyundai vehicles

The national "click it or ticket" campaign reminds drivers to buckle up. Research shows that seat belts save thousands of lives each year, and many Pennsylvania drivers diligently use them just like many others around the country. What happens when you cannot count on your seat belt to work even when you use it? The scary thing is that earlier this year, almost one million Hyundai owners were experiencing this fear due to a recall for failing seat belts. Auto defects in vehicles' basic safety features pose a threat to the safety and lives of drivers and should be dealt with as quickly as possible.

Arbitration clauses are bad news for nursing home neglect victims

Nursing homes serve an important role in the love and care of the elderly community in Pennsylvania. Most families are poorly equipped to care for aging loved ones, making nursing homes and other long-term residential facilities a necessity. Unfortunately, these necessary facilities are often plagued by nursing home neglect and abuse, and victims sometimes face an uphill battle when seeking justice.

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