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May 2017 Archives

Finding medical care after construction workers' accidents

After an on-the-job illness or injury, workers may need more than one physician in order to receive the appropriate treatment. Workers' compensation benefits are designed to provide medical care to be paid for by their employers and insurance. As part of the Pennsylvania Workers' Compensation Act, employers are also required to inform workers what doctors they can receive treatment from after construction workers' accidents.

Catastrophic injuries: When fireworks backfire

As the Fourth of July approaches, you may be looking forward to using fireworks at home or going to see a fireworks display. What you may not be aware of is the risk that display is to you and your family. Fireworks, when set off correctly, should not be a danger to anyone, but the truth is that things can go wrong.

Contracting listeria could lead to a products liability claim

Do Pennsylvania residents know what Listeria monocytogenes is? Many people may see the words attached to numerous food recalls, but may not really understand what it is and what harm it could cause. To put it simply, Listeria could become a serious enough health issue that an individual harmed by it could seek financial restitution through the filing of a products liability claim.

Construction workers' accidents occur during demolition, too

In many cases, building projects here in Pennsylvania begin with demolishing another building, or part of one, on the site chosen for the new one. It is crucial that employers make the appropriate arrangements to secure the safety of those doing the demolition work to avoid construction workers' accidents. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration provides regulations and guidance in this area and also investigates accidents that occur at demolition sites.

Toyota issues yet another recall for dangerous auto defects

In the past couple of years, the motor vehicle manufacturing industry has been plagued by controversy. Auto defects ranging from ignition switches to airbags meant the recall of millions of vehicles all over the country (including many here in Pennsylvania) and across many makes and models of vehicles. Now, yet another recall has been issued -- this time by Toyota.

Construction workers' accidents in confined spaces

Work hazards come from a variety of sources. This is often especially true for construction workers here in Pennsylvania and across the country. Whether they work well above the ground or in confined spaces, construction workers' accidents happen under numerous circumstances.

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