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Pennsylvania products liability: When manufacturers let you down

When you buy something, you expect it to work as intended and not cause you harm. Sadly, not all manufacturers meet the quality standards set for them under Pennsylvania and federal laws. You or someone you love could end up seriously injured because of using a product that is somehow defective. If so, you might file a products liability claim seeking restitution for your losses.

Every year, numerous people lose their lives or suffer serious, permanent injuries due to manufacturers that either ignore or fail to live up to safety standards. Defective products can come from any source such as vehicles, kitchen appliances and even food items. One particularly vexing area of products liability is children's products. High chairs, car seats and any number of toys, along with other things, could harm your child.

Recalls come only after defective products have already reached consumers. This might seem obvious, but it means that the potential for serious injury or death is already out there. Why would you purchase a product that you knew was defective and could cause you or a family member harm? The simple answer is that you would probably never do it knowingly. Manufacturers might put usage warnings on their products, but they don't warn you that they might not have produced a safe product.

The injuries suffered vary by product, but the outcome is the same -- you incurred medical costs and other damages as a result of a defective product. You might be permanently disabled or you could have lost a loved one. You could file a products liability claim against the manufacturer and other parties who could be held legally responsible. If a Pennsylvania court rules that your damages were due to a defective product, you could receive a monetary judgment to help defray your financial losses.

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