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Hoverboard responsible for two child deaths in Pennsylvania

Several brands of hoverboards have already faced broad recalls because they present a risk of fire. Most recently, there is the federal and company recalls for Vecaro Lifestyle hoverboards. The reason for the recall is tragic.

Two young children were both killed by injuries caused by a Vercaro Lifestyle hoverboard. The hoverboard malfunctioned, causing a fire. A 3-year-old died at the time of the fire on Friday, March 10, 2017. Two other young girls were severely injured by the fire in Harrisburg, PA. One of them succumbed to her injuries days later and died.

This is a tragic and preventable accident that will leave the families of both deceased girls, as well as the third severely injured child, irrevocably altered. The United States government has issued a number of previous recalls of various brands of hoverboards.

Individuals have suffered severe burns and property losses as a result of hoverboard fires. In this case, two precious, irreplaceable lives ended due to a poorly designed product. The families of these children should speak with a personal injury and product liability attorney to determine what their next course of action should be.

Cutting corners has caused serious fires

When hoverboards became the next hot toy, a lot of companies jumped into their creation and manufacture. Not all of those companies took adequate steps to ensure their product was safe. In many cases, the internal lithium-ion battery pack in the hoverboard may be susceptible to overheating. Because they are housed directly inside the compact board, the overheating can quickly lead to an open fire. The fire caused by these faulty batteries poses a serious risk of severe injury to anyone who is on the board or nearby at the time that it overheats.

Other hoverboards have started smoking or even exploded, both of which pose risk of injury to users and people nearby at the time of the failure. In the case of Vercaro Lifestyle hoverboards, the government may decide to bring criminal charges related to product liability against the brand.

It is also possible for the families of the injured and deceased girls to file civil lawsuits for damages. It has previously been determined that only UL safety-certified devices were still safe for consumer use. Many companies did not have their devices and batteries adequately tested and approved.

An attorney can advocate for injured consumers

When you purchase a consumer product, there is a reasonable expectation that the product is safe for use. If you or someone you love has suffered injuries caused by a malfunctioning product, such as a hoverboard, you should speak with an attorney who understands product liability. Your attorney can review the details of the incident and help determine if a civil lawsuit is the right next step.

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