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10 symptoms of a traumatic brain injury

A brain injury can be catastrophic, and some TBIs never fully heal. In some cases, even mild brain injuries can lead to degenerative brain diseases. It's critical to know when a brain injury has occurred and to get help quickly. This is important for people of any age, but middle-aged workers should be especially vigilant, as an injury could ruin a career and make it impossible to work again. Below are 10 symptoms to watch out for:

  1. Memory issues. This could include not being able to remember the accident at all. 
  2. Personality changes. For example, a calm, kind person may become irritable or even violent. 
  3. Dietary changes. In some cases, the injured person will never want to eat, leading to many health complications. 
  4. Sensory problems. People may lose their sense of smell, have trouble seeing, or lose their sense of taste. 
  5. Confusion. Someone may have trouble concentrating on tasks, forget what he or she is doing, or even forget common things - like which way to drive to get home. 
  6. Extreme tiredness. The person may sleep a lot more than normal and feel very fatigued and weak even when he or she is awake. 
  7. Mood swings. A person may be happy and laughing one minute and then crying or angry the next. This can be very hard on family members, but it could also make it tough on co-workers. A job could be lost, even if the person can still technically do it, because of these mood swings. 
  8. Communication issues. These could include problems speaking, finding the right words, or reading. 
  9. Neck pain and headaches. Of course, this type of pain could also be from related physical injures, such as when defective automobile parts cause an accident. However, it the headaches and neck pain don't go away, they could be related to the brain injury, rather than other physical issues. 
  10. A ringing sound in the person's ears. Again, this is most problematic if it never goes away. 

Defective products can cause catastrophic brain injuries in seconds. As noted above, defective automobiles are a large issue, especially since car accidents are already a leading cause of injury and death. But many other products also pose a serious risk, such as power tools, firearms, household appliances, and the like.

In the blink of an eye, your life can change forever. A promising career that you've been working at for years can be taken away. Medical costs pile on top of lost wages. As the costs mount, you need to know what legal options you have. You must find a legal team with excellent, personal service to help guide you through this complex process.

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