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3 facts parents should know about unsafe baby products

New parents want only the best for their bundle of joy. The issue that some parents find when they are trying to get the gear for their baby is that there are many products that seem amazing on the surface, but are very unsafe to use. It is imperative that parents vet every product that their child is going to use. Even when you take the time to go over every purchase, there is still a chance that a product you thought was safe might injure your child.

Some products are categorically unsafe

There are some products that aren't ever safe for a baby to use. Many of these items are part of the child's sleep routine. For example, drop side cribs and bumpers that were once must haves for new parents are now considered unsafe because they pose risks that outweigh the benefits of the products. Bumbo seats, which were wildly popular not long ago, have made the list of unsafe products because babies can fall if they arch their backs or lean over while sitting in the seat, notes Consumer Reports. This can lead to falls that might cause skull fractures. Crib tents, bedside sleepers, infant bath seats, walkers, sling carriers, unsecured furniture, pillows and blankets are all considered unsafe for babies.

Some products are safe until they are used improperly

Using products properly is crucial when you are using them near a baby. Some items, such as baby monitors, might not seem like a hazard but they are. If the monitor has a cord, there is a chance the baby could get tangled or strangled. You must be sure that you don't place the monitor near enough to the baby for the baby to reach the cord. Items with harnesses are hazards if the harness isn't attached properly. This includes car seats. Safety gates, jogging strollers, humidifiers and vaporizers are some of the other items that require special care to ensure they are used properly.

Seeking compensation for injuries is sometimes possible

If a product that was being used in accordance with the purpose and instructions of the product injures your baby, you might opt to seek compensation for the damages your family suffered. When you do this, you should ensure that you find representation that offers personal service. This enables you spend the time you need helping your child recover from the traumatic injury that never should have occurred.

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