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December 2016 Archives

3 facts parents should know about unsafe baby products

New parents want only the best for their bundle of joy. The issue that some parents find when they are trying to get the gear for their baby is that there are many products that seem amazing on the surface, but are very unsafe to use. It is imperative that parents vet every product that their child is going to use. Even when you take the time to go over every purchase, there is still a chance that a product you thought was safe might injure your child.

Many construction workers' accidents involve falls from heights

Nearly every Pennsylvania industry has its hazards, and employers are required to implement mandated safety precautions and procedures to prevent employees from suffering serious or fatal injuries. In the construction industry, this involves protecting workers from falls. Even so, far too many construction workers' accidents involve falls from which the chance of survival is often questionable.

Our elderly deserve better than nursing home neglect

As Pennsylvania's elderly require more care, they deserve to be treated with compassion and respect. Most families struggle with the decision of whether to put their aging loved ones in nursing homes, and they go to great lengths to find a place they believe will meet or exceed their expectations. Sadly, too many of this country's elderly suffer from nursing home neglect that can result in serious injury or death.

Dangerous auto defects threaten lives

Too many Pennsylvania residents are unaware that their vehicles have defective parts that could threaten their lives. Auto defects are not always apparent, even to those who build, distribute and sell the vehicles. Even when an issue is identified, the vehicle's manufacturer might not know how to fix the problem, and in the meantime, drivers could continue to put their lives at risk.

What to do when auto defects cause serious injury or death

Pennsylvania residents expect their vehicles to be manufactured in accordance with current safety standards. That means that they should be free of defects that could cause serious injury or death. Sadly, not all vehicles or their parts are correctly manufactured, and numerous accidents each year are attributable to auto defects.

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