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How can I avoid being struck-by or caught-in work equipment?

Pennsylvania workers in the energy industry (such as gas and oil drilling) face a myriad of risks on a daily basis. Hazards known as struck-by or caught-in/between are exceedingly common, and can result in debilitating injury or death under severe circumstances. Accordingly, it's important for you to be aware of methods for preventing injury when using machinery or other equipment that poses a risk.

The Industrial Safety & Hygiene News defines a caught-in/between injury as being caught by or pinned between piece of equipment and another object. This occurrence can result in significant damage to you, such as fractures, strangulation, amputated limbs, or internal bruising or bleeding. To avoid a caught-in/between injury, machine guards must always remain intact to protect your extremities from being pulled into machinery. You should also avoid wearing loose clothing when working around revolving mechanisms, as loose items can easily become caught in moving machinery.

As for struck-by accidents, there are a number of potential factors that can lead to subsequent injuries. You may be injured by an object falling from above, or an object may cause damage by swinging or rolling into you. Equipment failure is often a component in such accidents, which underscores the need for proper maintenance and inspection of all work machinery. Having access to suitable protective gear can also help reduce your risk of injury should a failure or malfunction occur. Eye protection is particularly important to prevent injuries from flying objects.

Contacting a workers' compensation attorney is recommended if you've been injured as a result of a work-related activity. A lawyer can provide legal solutions based on the specific details of your case. 

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