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Understanding occupational contact dermatitis

Many workplaces contain a number of hazardous substances that can be the cause of serious occupational illness. One such risk facing workers in Erie is occupational contact dermatitis, a skin condition that can require extended medical treatment. Our team of attorneys at Friday & Cox LLC have worked with clients experiencing the ravages of serious workplace illness. Accordingly, we know just how important securing the right options can be to those suffering.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention categorizes occupational contact dermatitis as one of the more typical complications of hazardous substance exposure. Allergic contact dermatitis and irritant contact dermatitis are the two distinct types of this disorder that can afflict workers. While there are some differences between these two disorders, in many cases it can be difficult for medical professionals to distinguish between them.

When it comes to allergic contact dermatitis, certain chemicals can result in an all-over reaction involving the immune system. After repeated exposures to a specific substance (including things like certain types of metals and pesticides) skin inflammation can occur. Conversely, irritant contact dermatitis only affects the specific area of the skin that has been exposed to a substance. Skin irritation can result from a range of substances, such as detergents, acids and even water in some instances.

There are numerous symptoms associated with contact dermatitis no matter the underlying cause or type. Blisters have been known to form, along with the development of cracking or flaking dry skin. Itching or swelling are also common, as is pain in the area where the exposure occurred. For more information on the occurrence of workplace illnesses, please visit us online.  

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