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Fire safety can reduce the risk of burns at work

Burn injuries can pose a threat to Pennsylvania workers across many industries. For burns of a more serious nature, extensive medical treatment may be required, and a worker’s ability to earn a reasonable living may also be in jeopardy. Even relatively minor burn injuries can be extremely uncomfortable while also resulting in lost income. lists a few of the possible causes of burns, which include injuries linked to caustic chemical exposure. Seeking out medical attention immediately is imperative when suffering from chemical burns, as they can cause further damage beyond just the initial injury. Other causes of burns include those resulting from hot water, fire or extended sun exposure.

No matter the underlying cause, there are typically three different types of burns that can occur, the most serious of which are third-degree burns. This type of burn requires emergency treatment, as infection and significant loss of blood can occur. Burns that breach the first layer of skin are categorized as second-degree, which can be identified by blistering. First-degree burns are considered the least serious and usually entail minor redness and swelling.

As illustrated by the Safety Center, proper fire protection in the workplace is essential to reduce the likelihood of injuries from occurring. This can be accomplished by having safety items onsite, such as fire extinguishers and smoke alarms. For workers that regularly come into contact with chemicals, safe storage and handling are of the utmost importance. Training workers on what to do should a fire occur is also important.

Burns stemming from workplace duties can result in long-lasting health ramifications. To this end, speaking with a workers’ compensation attorney will afford a better understanding of your legal options. 

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