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Different types of neck injuries and how to treat them

No matter the industry, being injured on-the-job may occur unexpectedly. This includes the possibility of neck injuries, which can greatly hamper one’s ability to earn a living in Pennsylvania. Neck injuries entail many different forms, and could even require extensive medical treatment in order to achieve some much needed relief from symptoms.

As illustrated by Everyday Health, there are numerous types of neck injuries that can occur. Office workers suffering from poor posture or a lack of ergonomic equipment can experience neck strain. These injuries result in a great deal of discomfort, and may eventually turn into significant neck pain. When lifting items of considerable weight, an injured vertebral disk can also occur. Along with pain in the neck area, sufferers of disk injuries commonly experience radiating pain down the body and into the legs.

Additionally, those involved in the transportation industry face the risk of whiplash in the event an accident occurs. Whiplash is characterized by a weak feeling within the neck as well as limbs, and can cause stiffness, dizziness and headache. This results from damage in the nerves and muscles in the neck as the head makes sudden and often violent motions during a car crash.

In the event of serious neck pain, there are a few treatments available. The Mayo Clinic lists some of these common neck pain treatments, including numbing medications or the injection of steroids into affected areas. While serious cases of compression can sometimes call for surgical intervention, physical therapy is often recommended for those suffering from less-significant neck injuries. Hi-tech treatments utilizing electrical impulses have also proved to be beneficial in some cases.

If you’ve suffered a neck injury resulting from on-the-job activities, speaking with workers’ compensation attorney can help you discover information specific to your case. 

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