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June 2016 Archives

Different types of neck injuries and how to treat them

No matter the industry, being injured on-the-job may occur unexpectedly. This includes the possibility of neck injuries, which can greatly hamper one’s ability to earn a living in Pennsylvania. Neck injuries entail many different forms, and could even require extensive medical treatment in order to achieve some much needed relief from symptoms.

Explosion at oil well underscores on-the-job risks

For oil field workers in Pennsylvania, every day on the job can include a number of very serious and possibly life-threatening risks. Due to the inherent dangers associated with jobs within the oil and gas industries, employers must take every precaution to ensure workers remain safe and secure. Failure to do so can result in devastating consequences, including the loss of life.

Understanding work-related disability benefits in PA

If you are injured on the job, you may have questions about the workers’ compensation process in Pennsylvania. Securing benefits is extremely important, especially for long-term injuries that inhibit your ability to earn a living. At Friday & Cox LLC, we know that many people depend on disability benefits to survive. That’s why we work diligently to provide clients a comprehensive understanding of their rights when it comes to workers’ compensation.

What equipment do I need to remain protected on work sites?

Workplace safety is a crucial concern for many different professions. However, as an Erie construction worker you are no doubt well-aware of the many dangers posed by an unsafe work site. Personal protective equipment plays an essential role in combatting common construction hazards, which is why it’s so important for you as well as your employer to be fully aware of the type of equipment required to stay safe on the job.

How to prevent machine-related injuries in the workplace

As a Pennsylvania worker, you are most likely concerned with staying safe at your place of employment. If you regularly use heavy machinery or equipment, you may face a number of risks. Our legal team at Friday & Cox LLC, are well aware of the dangers that machinery can pose when all relevant safety standards are not observed, including the possibility of experiencing an injury due to faulty or improperly maintained equipment.

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