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Fire prevention in the workplace is crucial

Fires in the workplace can have a range of devastating consequences, from significant property damage to potentially fatal injuries. Accordingly, both employers and workers in Pennsylvania must be aware of the proper steps to take to keep deadly workplace fires from occurring.

Safety Center provides some essential tips on maintaining a safe working environment free of fire hazards. Perhaps the most important aspect of fire safety is having the right equipment on hand should a fire occur. This includes smoke alarms, sprinkler systems and a suitable number of fire extinguishers. All items should be regularly tested according to manufacturer instruction to ensure they remain functional. Fire extinguishers in particular should be properly maintained to avoid expiration, and all employees should be trained on appropriate use.

For workplaces that house dangerous chemicals, proper storage measures must also be undertaken. Material Data Sheets can be exceedingly useful in this case, as they will afford information on how to correctly store different types of chemicals to prevent accidents from occurring. Because malfunctioning wiring and equipment are also common factors in workplace fires, any instances must be reported immediately and equipment should be put out of use until it is repaired.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics illustrates the need for comprehensive fire safety plans in the workplace. Approximately 3 percent of worker fatalities occurring in 2013 were due to either fire or explosions. Of the 148 workers succumbing to fire deaths that year, 4 were employed within the state of Pennsylvania. These numbers showed a 21 percent increase over 2012 figures.

Injuries in the workplace involving fire require the assistance of a qualified workers’ compensation attorney, who can afford a legal perspective on the specific details of your case.  



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