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Accident prevention is crucial in the mining industry

While the mining industry can provide many workers in Pennsylvania a decent living, there exists a number of serious risks that can cause injury or even death. That's why accident prevention remains an important topic among workers currently employed in mines, as well as those tasked with maintaining a safe environment free of preventable accidents.

The Mine Safety and Health Administration lists many of the potential threats facing miners, as well as useful tips for reducing the likely hood of an accident occurring. When it comes to material handlers, being cautious around fast moving conveyor belts is of the utmost importance. So-called pinch points can inflict quite a bit of damage on workers if care is not taken. Accordingly, miners should never attempt to clear a belt caked with debris while it is in motion. Also, it's important to heed all warnings when a belt is stopped for maintenance, even if it means a delay in work.

Proper ventilation is yet another serious concern for miners, particularly when they are involved in drilling or boring. Explosive gases can easily be ignited to during welding procedures, which can then harm numerous workers in one fell swoop. To prevent this from happening mines should be continuously monitored for noxious elements that can pose a threat. Having the right equipment is also key, such as detection devices equipped with alarms to alert nearby workers.

To understand the very real dangers posed to mine workers one only need look at recent fatality statistics. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention list the top causes of mining deaths, which lists explosions as the leading factor in mining fatalities at almost 30 percent. Falls are ranked second at 25 percent, while equipment operation related to transportation of materials within a mine is implicated in 22.1 percent of miner deaths.

If you've been harmed as a result of a mining accident, contacting an experienced personal injury lawyer is essential to receiving proper compensation for your injuries. The right attorney can assist you in devising reliable legal solutions, thereby affording the best possible chance of success for your case. 

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