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April 2016 Archives

MRSA infections can cause injury to PA workers

Occupational illnesses like methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus can be a very serious concern for many Pennsylvania workers, particularly those employed in the field of health care, law enforcement and a number of other professions. Here at Friday & Cox LLC, we know all too well the damage that can be caused by MRSA within the workplace, the treatment of which can entail extensive medical care and even hospitalization.

Flames aren't the only workplace danger facing firefighters

When it comes to workplace dangers, few workers can say they encounter as many dangers as firefighters do. From flames to dense smoke, falling debris and collapsing floors, firefighters oftentimes find themselves in harm's way and at high risk of potentially suffering an injury as well.

What treatments are available if I experience a brain injury?

As a worker in Pennsylvania, you may face a daily risk of brain injury, which can have a wide-ranging impact on your life and well-being. In the event you suffer significant brain trauma in the workplace, you will likely be concerned about accessing essential medical treatment to help ease your recovery as much as possible.

Accident prevention is crucial in the mining industry

While the mining industry can provide many workers in Pennsylvania a decent living, there exists a number of serious risks that can cause injury or even death. That's why accident prevention remains an important topic among workers currently employed in mines, as well as those tasked with maintaining a safe environment free of preventable accidents.

How can I identify post-traumatic stress disorder?

If you are a first responder working in Pennsylvania, post-traumatic stress disorder can be a very real concern when providing emergency medical care. Particularly traumatic events, such as scenes of violence or severe auto accidents, can take a significant toll on both your emotional and physical well-being. To this end, being able to recognize the common signs and symptoms of PTSD is the first step to receiving the assistance you need.

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