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How can chemical exposure in the workplace affect me?

If you are an industrial worker in Erie, you are no doubt concerned about the possibility of chemical exposures in the workplace and the effects these chemicals can have on your health. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention illustrates the different effects chemicals can have on your health.

Occupational skin disease is a common cause of workplace illness which can include a number of ailments ranging from irritation to contact dermatitis. This condition is characterized by swelling, skin that is dry or flaking, redness, pain and itching. You could even develop skin wheals or blisters after exposure to a substance. If you have certain allergies to chemicals, such as pesticides, metals, acrylic resins, or fertilizer, then you could suffer what is referred to as an allergic contact dermatitis. If there is no allergy involved, then it will be identified as irritant contact dermatitis.

Chemical agents are typically broken down into two categories, sensitizers and primary irritants. With sensitizers, repeated exposure over time can sometimes result in allergic reactions (such as throat swelling, rashes and/or hives, nasal congestion and gastrointestinal issues). Primary irritants cause immediate effects, including a burning sensation, blistering and permanent scarring in severe cases.

Long-term effects of chemical exposure are also possible. For instance, some chemical agents are associated with the development of cancer, while others may pose a risk of respiratory issues after extended inhalation. In this event, you may no longer be able to work in the environment where the initial exposure took place, in addition to requiring ongoing medical treatment to combat the ill-effects of chemical exposure.

In the event that you are injured by chemical exposure in the workplace, seeking qualified legal counsel is highly recommended. An experienced personal injury law firm will provide knowledgeable guidance when it comes to your case, thereby affording you dependable representation no matter what your claim entails. 

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