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March 2016 Archives

Spinal injuries are a very serious concern within the workplace

For Pennsylvania workers, suffering a significant spinal cord injury can have a lasting impact on health and well-being. Not only will one’s ability to earn a satisfactory living be in jeopardy, meeting basic needs may also be inhibited, particularly when a spinal injury entails certain life-altering symptoms. The Mayo Clinic provides insight into the severity of spinal cord injuries, along with which symptoms should be taken most seriously.

How can chemical exposure in the workplace affect me?

If you are an industrial worker in Erie, you are no doubt concerned about the possibility of chemical exposures in the workplace and the effects these chemicals can have on your health. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention illustrates the different effects chemicals can have on your health.

How likely am I to be injured in a fall at a retail workplace?

If you are employed in a retail or wholesale environment, you might assume that your workplace is relatively safe compared to more hazardous situations. However, injuries resulting from slips-and-falls are quite common in these working environments, which means that as a Pennsylvania worker, you may be more at risk then you think.

Can independent contractors receive workers’ compensation?

If you are an independent contractor in Pennsylvania, you may wonder whether or not you’ll be eligible to receive workers’ compensation benefits if hurt on the job. Unfortunately, determining whether a worker is considered an independent contractor can be a bit difficult to ascertain.

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