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Poor power tool usage leads to injury at work sites

Power tools are commonplace at many construction work sites all over Pennsylvania. Accordingly, knowing how to properly use a variety of tools is paramount to keeping accidents and injuries at bay. Grainger, a distributor of tools, materials and industrial supplies, offers the following tips on proper power tool usage, which can greatly reduce workplace risks.

No matter the type of power tool in question, the first step should be to thoroughly review the accompanying owner's manual to ensure a comprehensive understanding of available features. Manuals also cover any hazards associated with a specific power tool, which will allow the user to bring together the appropriate personal protective equipment. For instance, goggles are necessary to protect eyes from dust and other flying debris, while ear plugs reduce the ill-effects of noisy machinery and tools.

The condition of your tools can also play a role in workplace safety. Before getting started, workers should check tools to make certain that all components are correctly attached and aligned, and that there are no obvious signs of fault. Damaged tools must be marked accordingly and taken out of rotation until they are able to be prepared.

Because electric shock is also possible, the Occupational Health and Safety Administration recommends these common-sense practices when using tools on a work site. Tools should always be stored in a cool dry place when not in use. Additionally, tools should never be disconnected by yanking a cord from the wall socket, as this can cause damage and result in electric shocks. Also, be sure that any extension cords used in conjunction with a tool are properly maintained (i.e. frayed and worn cords should be promptly replaced).

For workers who are hurt on the job though, the advice is always to reach out to a personal injury attorney. This attorney will be able to provide more information on workers' compensation and any legal options specific to a worker's situation. 

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