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Office hazards can result in serious workplace injury

While offices throughout Pennsylvania are thought to be relatively safe, there exists a variety of hazards unique to corporate workplaces that are capable of seriously injuring workers. Fortunately, many of these hazards can be avoided, provided that both employers and workers remain vigilant about upholding office safety for all involved.

The Society for Human Resource Management details some of the more common accidents that can occur in an office setting. Of these, slip-and-falls rank at the top of the list with the highest rate of injury among office workers. Damage caused by falls can be severe, depending on the circumstance, particularly in the case of head or neck injuries. Slip-and-falls can be attributed to many different causes, from neglected spills to unnecessary clutter and uneven carpeting.

Most modern offices contain a variety of technological equipment, which can pose a fire risk. Employees should understand what to do in the event of an office fire and taught safety rules such as not overloading outlets, properly using space heaters or notifying someone if they notice a damaged power cords. While seemingly less injurious, hazards like poor posture maintained over extended periods of time and eye strain caused by computer screens can also wreak havoc on the collective health of office personnel.

So what can be done to diminish office hazards and boost workplace safety? Along with routine inspections of electrical equipment and proper maintenance of the office environment, also suggests a few methods of decreasing office-related injuries. Ergonomic office furniture can take some of the burden off workers stationed at their desks all day, while a few well-timed breaks will offer a much-needed respite from harsh computer screens. It’s also important to communicate with supervisors when issues arise, especially when such issues pose a threat to the health and well-being of one’s workplace.



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