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December 2015 Archives

Supporting workers who were hurt in forklift accidents

From ladder falls to incidents involving defective power tools, there are many types of accidents that take place on the job. However, forklift accidents are particularly dangerous and at Friday & Cox LLC, we specialize in helping clients who have been involved in a forklift accident. In Erie, Pennsylvania, and throughout the rest of the country, forklift accidents have the potential to cause serious injuries and even claim the lives of workers, which underlines the importance of prevention.

Reviewing workplace accidents in Pennsylvania

When someone is hurt at work, they may experience all sorts of hardships. Not only do injured workers often face severe physical pain, but many have financial problems after an accident because of lost wages or hospital bills they can't afford. Furthermore, life may never return to normal for some injured workers, whether they have to deal with an injury for the rest of their life or cannot return to work. For employers and employees in Erie, and across Pennsylvania, reviewing workplace accident statistics may help prevent future incidents from occurring.

How prevalent are workplace injuries

From an injury caused by repetitive motion to construction site accidents, there are many reasons why workplace injuries occur across the country every single day. However, it is pivotal for employees and their employers to realize how widespread these injuries are in Erie, Pennsylvania, and focus on possible ways to prevent accidents and injuries from taking place. Workplace injuries are not always preventable, but some are the result of negligence. If you were injured while at work because of the negligent behavior of someone else, you should explore every option and may want to think about legal action.

Reviewing common causes of fatal construction accidents

While every industry presents on-the-job hazards that workers have to keep an eye out for, construction is particularly dangerous. Sadly, in Erie, and other cities throughout Pennsylvania, a shocking number of construction workers have lost their lives in deadly workplace accidents, some of which were preventable. Furthermore, these deaths often have a significant impact on the lives of their loved ones, leaving them with emotional trauma and other hardships, such as financial problems. For construction workers, contractors and everyone involved in the construction industry, understanding the common causes of deadly construction accidents is paramount.

A closer look at construction accidents

According to the Occupational Safety & Health Administration, over 4,600 construction workers lost their lives in accidents that took place on the job during 2014. These startling statistics represent an average of nearly 90 deaths per week or over 13 fatalities each day. In Erie, and across the entire state of Pennsylvania, construction workers face a number of threats every day they go to work, from falling off of a ladder to a defective power tool accident and the negligent behavior of others, to name just a few. As a result, it is paramount for workers in the construction industry to make safety a top priority.

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