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August 2015 Archives

Would you qualify for workers' compensation with PTSD?

There are many jobs in Pennsylvania and throughout the United States that are dangerous, high-stress and carry the potential for an employee to experience emotional trauma. Some of the most obvious include active military positions, law enforcement and firefighters. However, you don't have to work in an overly dangerous job to develop post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Pennsylvania tree cutter seriously injured by falling tree

Any Pennsylvania resident with a job understands that there are certain risks that come with the job, no matter how seemingly harmless the position is. For example, those working in an office setting where they sit most of the time might suffer from repetitive stress injuries by working on computers. They might also trip and fall over an item left on the floor, or come down with a contagious illness that a co-worker brought to work. Even so, some industries are more dangerous than others. The construction field comes to mind, with its high risk of being injured by operating heavy equipment and other construction duties. The logging and forestry industries are also dangerous jobs due to numerous factors.

Grain engulfment poses serious danger to farm workers

The farming industry is a booming job market in Pennsylvania that carries the potential for many workplace accidents. These may include such incidents as faulty machinery causing an injury, products or equipment falling on a worker or livestock injuring someone. Farm workers may also be seriously injured or killed in incidents known as grain engulfment.

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