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February 2015 Archives

Who must carry workers' compensation insurance in Pennsylvania?

The purpose of workers' compensation insurance is to provide financial assistance to workers who suffer an injury or illness due to work-related activities. This is the standard in Pennsylvania and all states throughout the country. According to Pennsylvania law, workers' compensation is mandatory for every employer who employs even as few as one employee who could suffer injuries either at the workplace, anywhere within the state, or in some cases, outside the state while working.

How long will my case take?

"How long will my case take?" is a question every attorney hears from his or her client.  The answer to how long it will take is never a definite one.  From the point a case is filed with the court to the point of completion, hopefully in a settlement or verdict favorable to the client, depends on the facts of the case.  Each case is unique therefore it is often hard to put an estimate on a timetable for such things.  There are specific time periods on which a person can file a legal action, known as statutes of limitations.  The time it takes a filed case to work its way through the legal system, however, does not fit as neatly into a specific time frame.

Industrial accidents can lead to workers' compensation claims

With the current use of fracking techniques to recover oil and gas in deep and previously untouchable underground formations, more and more jobs are being created in the petroleum industry. The recent discovery of a substantial shale gas deposit in Pennsylvania has only increased the number of good-paying jobs to Pennsylvanians in the oil and natural gas sector. Despite the often lucrative pay, however, some of these workplaces are more dangerous that those in many other industries. Industrial accidents are not uncommon on sites used to explore, drill and recover oil and gas, and workers can suffer serious and even life-threatening injuries.

PA Jury Awards Millions for Drug Company's Failure to Warn

A Philadelphia jury has awarded a $2.5 million dollar verdict to a plaintiff who suffered gynecomastia after taking the drug Risperdal.  Currently there are numerous pending cases involving harmful side effects allegedly caused by Risperdal.  Dangerous drug cases often involve a failure to adequately warn users of harmful side effects.  A drug manufacturer is required to warn its users of potential risks involved in taking the drug.  A failure to warn when a dangerous side effect is known is a basis of many mass tort cases involving pharmaceuticals--including the Risperdal cases.

Accident in southern Pennsylvania coal mine kills worker

Mining is one of the most dangerous jobs that any worker can have, even after consideration that the U.S. Department of Labor's Mine Safety and Health Administration and Pennsylvania Bureau of Mine Safety have taken a number of measures in order to ensure that workers in mines are protected under as many circumstances as possible. Still, every now and then, news media reports that a mine worker has sustained injuries or has been killed while working in a coal mine somewhere in the country, including Pennsylvania.

Who is eligible for a workers' compensation in Pennsylvania?

According to the Pennsylvania Workers' Compensation Act, if a worker sustains an injury or suffers an illness because of a work-related activity, that worker is eligible for compensation, which includes medical expenses and lost wages. Those benefits are made available to the worker until the person is able to return to work. Workers' compensation benefits are also available to workers' survivors in the event of a fatality that was caused by a work-related activity.

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