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December 2014 Archives

Pennsylvania firefighter dies on duty while fighting a fire

A work accident can lead to grave medical and physical problems. Many times, workplace injuries suffered due to an accident may cause disability or impairment that can lead to unemployment as well as extremely high medical expenses.

Pa Supreme Court's Tincher Opinion and Its Impact on Product Liability Cases

Recently the Pennsylvania Supreme Court decided an important case in the area of product liability law.  The opinion in Tincher v. Omega Flex has clarified the Pennsylvania law in the product liability arena.  Product liability cases are those in which a consumer or user of a product is injured by the product.  The injured person usually brings a claim against the product's manufacturer claiming that the product which caused the injury was defective.  Product liability cases cover a wide range of products from drugs, automobiles, tools, to children's toys.  

Bad Faith Claim Can be Assigned to Accident Victim

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court recently ruled that a insured should be able to assign (or transfer) his or her bad faith claim against the insurance company to an injured third party.  Supporters of this decision believe that it will foster settlement and efficient claims handling by the insurance companies.  Counsel for the insurance company involved in the case argued that permitting such assignments would cause plaintiff's to make unreasonable settlement demands and foster the filing of bad faith claims that would not otherwise be pursued.

The PA law firm to turn to when injured on a construction site

A construction worker's work environment is inherently dangerous.  Accordingly, construction workers are at a higher risk than any other workers when it comes to jobsite injuries. The nature of a construction job provides increased exposure to hazardous conditions. Various tools, equipment and chemicals can compromise a worker's health and safety. Pennsylvania workers suffer many different kinds of accidents in the workplace each year. The attorneys at Friday & Cox L.L.C., have many years of experience advocating for construction workers' rights to a safe working environment and have never met a victim whom they were unable to help in some way.

What rights do miners have in fighting discrimination?

Miners perform some of the most dangerous work in the world, let alone in Pennsylvania, and they are often at a higher risk for workplace injuries and deaths than most other workers. To address the special issues that confront miners when it comes to workplace accidents and their rights, both federal and state authorities have enacted various laws and regulations that are intended to guide employers and miners in ensuring that their working environments are safe.

Defective Airbag Actions Might be Headed to Pittsburgh for Decision

When defective products are sold nationwide and injury results from the use of the product it is only natural that a number of lawsuits are filed in various courts throughout the nation.  The parties of the action may want to consolidate all the actions with common issues of fact to streamline the legal process and preserve resources for potential recovery by the victims.  Multidistrict litigation (MDL) is a term used to describe the consolidation of several federal actions filed in separate federal districts into one district for litigation and decision.

The state of workplace fatalities in Pennsylvania

Accidents in the workplace may not just result in injuries; they may result in worker fatalities, as well. Keeping the workplace safe is one of the primary duties of an employer. The U.S. Bureau of Labor often conducts studies in order to discover the extent of the problems relating to workplace injuries in each state.

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