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Campaign to prevent PA construction worker accidents underway

The Pennsylvania construction workplace environment may be most vulnerable to work-related injuries. Many workers are injured on construction sites, and all workers have a legal right to claim injury benefits and compensation from their employer. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has initiated an awareness campaign to help employers gain knowledge on how to make construction sites safer for employees.

Such initiatives become very important when considering the huge number of severe injuries and disabilities that occur due to construction accidents every year in Pennsylvania. OSHA advocates that employers use a three-pronged plan to improve and ensure construction job safety.

Firstly, the employers are encouraged to have work teams as well as owners and managers chalk out a construction plan prior to starting the job. Checking all equipment for the job prior to beginning to ensure proper working order is an important element of overall workplace safety. Many jobs begin inherently unsafe, such as working on roofs or skyscraper construction. Mapping out safety methods beforehand may be the key to preventing injuries.

Secondly, employers are encouraged to provide all the necessary equipment as well as important safety measures that may be required to facilitate construction of the site. Workers performing duties at high levels, more than six feet off the ground, may be most vulnerable to injury without proper safety equipment. Various safety gear, ladders and other necessary tools must be provided to each worker to ensure their safety and prevent injury.

The last key to OSHA's safety drive is training. Employers are advised to give proper training to their employees before sending them out to construction sites. Construction accidents may be caused due to the inherent hazardous nature of the workplace but they also happen due to improper training and maintenance of a job site. Following these three-pronged safety measures may be the key to decreasing construction accidents.

Source:, "Falls are leading cause of death in construction," accessed on Nov. 7, 2014

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