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June 2014 Archives

Amazon faces investigation after deaths of two workers

No employer in Pennsylvania finds it acceptable for an accident to occur in the workplace of his or her business. A work-related accident may raise questions about the standard of workplace safety and often is likely to open an investigation by the Occupational Health and Safety Administration. It may lead to more workers getting injured, requiring the employer to pay hefty workers' compensation and penal citations from the OSHA.

Pennsylvania highway worker killed by tractor-trailer

Highways and turnpikes in Pennsylvania require construction work and maintenance on a regular basis. With vehicles constantly rushing by at high speeds, however, workers at construction sites often find themselves in dangerous situations. As a result, construction injuries are not uncommon at these sites.

Hurt Pennsylvania workers receive stronger painkillers per claim

When a worker suffers from an accident in the workplace, the law requires the employer to provide compensation to the worker for the pain and suffering endured, as well as the lost wages and medical expenses incurred. Yet workers' compensation benefits may not always be easily forthcoming. In order to receive workers' compensation, the worker must go through certain procedures, often taking quite some time. Meanwhile, the injured worker is left with no option but to incur the expenses and hope to get reimbursed once the workers' compensation insurance money arrives.

Medical Malpractice Claims Involving Chest Pain in the ER

Chest pain is the second most common complaint of patients that present to the emergency room.  Sadly, most medical malpractice claims arise from the failure of the emergency room team to provide a proper and timely diagnosis of the life-threatening cause of the chest pain.

Court orders employer to pay burial costs from workplace injuries

Pennsylvania workers work every day to earn profits for their employer. They put their own lives at risk. Therefore, it seems only reasonable for their employer to take care of any medical expenses, lost wages and other financial needs these workers may need, if they were injured at work.

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