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May 2014 Archives

Deceased Pennsylvania worker's daughter gets scholarship

Of the different workplaces that are prone to workplace accidents in the state of Pennsylvania, construction sites along highways may be among the highest risk. The workers, who are employed to carry out construction and other activities along these highways, often fall victim to work injury.

Medical Malpractice the Basics

A claim for medical malpractice arises when a person was injured or harmed in some way by medical treatment or misdiagnosis and the treatment was below the accepted standard of care for medical providers in that community under similar circumstances.  A medical malpractice claim is a negligence claim.  

Customer Claims Tainted CVS Eye Drops Caused Injury

As consumers, we expect the products on the shelves of stores to be safe.  We expect the manufacturers of the products we use to inspect and test the products before they reach the store shelves to ensure that they will not cause injury or illness.  When safety standards are overlooked personal injury can result from defective products

Pennsylvania wax plant explosion injures worker

An industrial working site is typically fraught with hazards that can cause occasional accidents. A worker falling victim to an industrial accident may end up suffering from serious on-the-job injuries that may claim his or her life, or lead to temporary and permanent disability. The pain and suffering, medical expenses and lost wages that often result from such a workplace injury make the injured worked entitled to compensation, especially if the accident can be traced back to the antics of a negligent employer.

Statutory Damages Caps Constitutional?

It is important to realize that if you are injured by the negligent conduct of an government employee recovering money for your injuries will be difficult.  Both the federal and state governments are entitled to certain immunities from suit.  For instance, under the Political Subdivision Tort Claims Act lawsuits against local municipalities are barred.  There are certain exceptions to this suit bar, one of which is the operation of a moving vehicle.  Even if suit is permitted under the Act there is a $500,000 cap on the damages you are permitted to recover.

Pennsylvania worker dies from accident at sewer construction site

The United States has a great number of construction-site accidents. A Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, construction worker frequently faces a hazardous workplace environment that is fraught with the possibility of danger.  Unfortunately, when a work-related accident takes place serious, or even fatal, injures often result. While governmental organizations such as the Occupational Health and Safety Administration have taken various steps to ensure that all workplace environments stay safe and that worker safety is not compromised, even OSHA cannot entirely eliminate the chance of injury caused to a construction worker due to a sudden and unforeseen construction site accident.

Oil fields see increasing worker deaths in Pennsylvania

A worker is constantly worried about suffering some form of injury if his or her workplace is hazardous. Yet, faced with the need to earn a living, the worker is often left with no choice but to continue working, disregarding the possibilities of a workplace accident.

Pennsylvania elevator accident leaves two workers injured

When workers spend their entire day in a potentially hazardous environment, the chances of suffering an accident greatly increases. There may even be situations where a work-related injury can claim workers' lives. Even if they are fortunate enough to survive such workplace accidents, the resulting injury may leave them temporarily or permanently disabled and having to bear the burden of heavy medical expenses and lost wages.

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