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April 2014 Archives

Can you use your cell phone in the courtroom?

Today it seems that cell phone use is acceptable everywhere.  The courtroom, however, is one of the last few remaining places where cell phone usage is severely limited by law--not just etiquette.  If you find yourself in a courtroom either as a litigant, juror, or observer you need to know the rules when it comes to using your cell phone. The last thing you need to happen while court is in session is to have your cell phone ring and get more than dirty looks in return.  The judge can impose fines or eject a person from the courtroom due to use of an electronic device that is not in accordance with the local rules. 

"Failure to Screen" Case Will Proceed Against Hospital

When a medical emergency occurs we all hope that quick, effective medical treatment will await us at the nearest hospital.  Unfortunately, that is not always the case when medical malpractice in the form of inadequate care or delay in treatment occurs.  The Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act (EMTALA) is a federal law designed to ensure public access to emergency medical services regardless of the patient's ability to pay.  Under the EMTALA hospitals are required to provide stabilizing treatment for patients with emergency medical conditions.  The law requires the hospital to provide appropriate (or uniform) medical screening to all patients, who arrive for emergency medical treatment, based on his/her symptoms.

State DEP cites Chevron for fatal February well explosion

Any industrial worker across the country, including in Pennsylvania, can suffer a workplace injury in a split second because of faulty equipment or because someone is not following safety precautions. However, injuries or deaths are more likely to happen in an industrial accident in a hazardous workplace. This is why state and federal organizations such as the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and the Department of Environmental Protection in Pennsylvania are constantly working to enhance employee safety in those industries that have the highest probability of industrial accidents.

PA Jury Finds Doctor Not Liable in Broken Needle Case

We all understand that medical procedures always involve a certain amount of risk.  However, for the most part the benefits of the procedure outweigh the risks involved.  Unfortunately, personal injury can occur during a medical procedure due to a defective medical product or medical malpractice on the part of the doctor or hospital staff.  A recent personal injury case out of Philadelphia County involved the alleged misuse of a specific type of needle used on a patient during a biopsy procedure.

Pennsylvania workers' compensation insurance sees lower costs

A worker who spends a major part of the day in a hazardous work environment always runs the risk of meeting with an accident. A work injury can pose a multitude of problems for an injured worker, including lost wages, pain and suffering, accident trauma and heavy medical expenses. Additionally, the injury may be grave enough to cause permanent or temporary disability or even claim the worker's life.

Tree worker survives accident that buries chainsaw in his neck

For many workers involved in manual labor, the threat of workplace injuries always looms large. Such an injury can render a worker temporarily or permanently unfit for work, thereby resulting in lost wages. The most serious accidents claim lives.

Workers in Pennsylvania get injured by collapsed roof

The possibility of a work-related accident taking place depends on several factors, ranging from the hazardous nature of the activity, the degree of adherence to safety protocols, the negligence on the part of the worker and the amount of effort made by the employer to make the workplace less prone to accidents. A worker who has suffered from an accident on the job may even end up dying, depending on the severity of the accident. Even if a worker is fortunate enough to survive, the good fortune may not stretch far enough to escape permanent disability. At the very least, a worker may incur considerable medical expenses and loss of wages for being unable to work during the period the injury is being treated. Under such circumstances, it seems only fair that the injured worker is provided with adequate compensation to make up for the losses, especially if employer negligence is the cause of the accident.

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