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Failing safety standards in Pennsylvanian oil and gas industry

Working in a hazardous environment and doing jobs that arguably dangerous often bring along with it the chances of injury and even fatality for a Pennsylvanian worker. While an on-the-job injury does mean the possibility of obtaining workers' compensation benefits, which can recompense for the medical expenses incurred and the lost wages, it is always better that the workplace remains safe and hazardous activities are minimized and proper safety protocols duly observed.

Unfortunately, one of the prime industries in Pennsylvania, the oil and gas industry, often employs a technique called fracking, which is arguably compromising worker safety and giving rise to unfortunate side effects in the health of the workers as well as environmental concerns. The industry has, according to reports, one of the highest fatality rates among all its counterparts.

One of the hazardous outcomes of such activities had recently been witnessed in Pennsylvania, with a gas well explosion leading to the death of a worker and injury to another. The incident has also brought to light the way some of the safety regulations in Pennsylvania have been influenced by lobbyists from the oil and gas industry to suit their purposes, such as the mandatory distance of wells from residences being only 300 feet.

Industry neglect and toxic exposure to hazardous substances such as carcinogens are other concerns that the Pennsylvanian workers in this industry are being subjected to. Given the short-term and long-term adverse impact it can have on their lives and health, it is in their best interest to be aware of their legal rights to get adequate compensation and demand compliance to workplace safety standards. And in case an accident or injury does occur, they may benefit from obtaining legal advice from experienced counsels.

Source:, "Disposable Assets in the Fracking Industry," Walter Brasch, Mar 08, 2014.

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