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February 2014 Archives

Pennsylvania ranks fifth in hazardous material accidents

Although a necessary occupation to have in society, the lives of workers who regularly handle hazardous materials on the job are hardly desirable. Not only are they subject to different types of long-term occupational illness from prolonged exposure, but they also run a risk of losing their lives or suffering grave injury in an accident. This is why victims of work-related illnesses, occupational disease or on-the-job accidents must be aware of remedies available to them over and above workers' compensation.

Office clerk's misfiling results in medical malpractice suit

Medical professionals are required not only to practice medicine to the industry standards within the community, but also ensure that their employees and staff perform to this standard.  When a medical professional fails to perform in accordance with the standard of care a medical malpractice suit is often filed by the individual harmed. 

Workers injured and missing in Pennsylvanian gas well accident

If a worker is earning his or her wages in Pennsylvania, it may beneficial for the person to become acquainted with the state laws that govern the process following any injury that occurs at work. The person may be afraid to report a work injury, apprehensive about whether it might harm his or her chances of a promotion, or even causes the person to lose his or her job altogether. However, the law prevents all employers from firing an employee merely because that worker has been injured on the job.

PA court upholds verdict in favor of plaintiff injured by mold in home

Recently, the Common Pleas Court of Monroe County, Pennsylvania delivered a favorable decision in a personal injury case involving mold in a home.  The plaintiff filed suit after she experienced breathing problems, which she alleged were caused by toxic levels of mold in the home she rented from defendant.   Plaintiff ultimately won her case at trial and the jury awarded her $150,000 in damages against the defendant. 

OSHA fines Pennsylvania business after workers put at risk

Workplaces can pose serious dangers to Pennsylvania workers. In order to try and prevent workplace accidents - and therefore injuries to employees - the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has enacted a series of safety regulations that help to keep workers safe. These regulations help to define what safety measures Pennsylvania workplaces have to take to lower the risk of workplace accidents.

Explosion at Pennsylvania factory leaves workers injured

Most Pennsylvania residents rely on the income they make at their jobs in order to meet their daily needs. While some have savings, most people need to keep working to afford their homes and to purchase food and other necessities. However, an accident at work can take a person away from their jobs for days, weeks or months. Without income, people may fall behind on bills and accumulate debt. Other expenses, such as medical expenses or rehabilitation sessions caused by the workplace injury may also start to accumulate if people have no source of income.

Hittin' the Road: Pittsburgh and Mercy Behavioral Health

In representing our clients, we travel around Western Pennsylvania from Pittsburgh to Erie to Smethport to Bellefonte to Bedford and beyond on a daily basis. While driving around, I (Paul G. Mayer, Jr.) try take a minute every once in a while to appreciate the beautiful scenery and interesting people of our Commonwealth. In "Hittin' the Road with Friday & Cox", I'll give you the highlights. Hope you enjoy it.

Defective fire escape allegedly causes personal injury and death

Recently, a complaint was filed in the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas against a property owner for failing to properly maintain a fire escape.  The fire escape collapsed while in use, causing the death of one of the users and personal injury to another.  This lawsuit claims that the fire escape was not properly maintained and corrosion caused it to become structurally unsound. 

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