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January 2014 Archives

Several workers hurt in Pennsylvania fire

Workplace accidents can be dangerous not only to workers but to the people living near certain types of workplaces. Recently in Pennsylvania, a fire at a food processing plant forced nearby residents to stay in their homes with their windows closed.

Pennsylvania worker hurt in roof collapse

Recently a Pennsylvania construction worker was hurt following a fall. According to reports, the worker was involved in an accident where the wooden trusses of a commercial building collapsed around 9:00 a.m. one morning. Apparently, the worker was trapped by the falling wooden trusses. It took rescue workers nearly an hour to free the man from the rubble and take him to a local hospital. His condition following the accident and the extent of his injuries is unknown.

West Virginia industrial chemical spill poses yet another health hazard to the region

A chemical used by Freedom Industries in West Virginia recently leaked into the Elk River, tainting the water and leaving hundreds of thousands of West Virginians without safe drinking water.  The chemical, 4- methylcyclohexane, is used in the washing of coal and is highly toxic.  West Virginia residents have been advised to not bathe or drink the water.  The industrial accident was caused when the chemical leaked out of a storage tank, which was located upriver from a water treatment plant.  It appears that there was no backup spill containment system in place.   

Industrial accident causes Pennsylvania workplace death

Some workers are placed in great danger from the moment they walk into their workplaces. While laws have been enacted to try to keep these workers safe, industrial accidents still occur that can cause major injuries. Employers can try to cut down on these injuries by providing proper training for employees. This way employees know how to react should a danger occur. Furthermore, proper safety equipment can be vital in limiting the severity of injuries that occur in a workplace accident.

Limited Tort Plaintiff Must Show "Serious Injury" to Recover for Pain and Suffering

Under the Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Financial Responsibility Law a person who selects Limited Tort coverage is generally not permitted to recover money for pain and suffering (non-economic damages) from the person who caused the car crash.  One of the exceptions to this rule is when the person injured in the car crash can establish that he or she suffered a "serious injury." 

On the Road with Friday & Cox LLC in WVU Country

In representing our clients, we travel around Western Pennsylvania from Pittsburgh to Erie to Smethport to Bellefonte to Bedford and beyond on a daily basis. While driving around, I (Paul G. Mayer, Jr.) try take a minute every once in a while to appreciate the beautiful scenery of our Commonwealth. I also get to meet many interesting people on the road. From the neighborhoods of Pittsburgh to the small towns people have their unique stories to tell. Sometimes sad, sometimes funny, but always important to the people who tell them. In "Hittin' the Road with Friday & Cox, LLC", I'll try to give you the highlights. Hope you enjoy it.

Salt pile collapses and kills Pennsylvania worker

Workplace accidents occur more frequently than we care to think. The causes are wide-ranging, but many involve an unsafe working environment and/or a safety hazard. Many times, accidents are prevented by safety measure implemented by an employer and regulated by state and federal work safety standards. But sometimes these measures are not implemented properly, equipment is inadequately maintained, and workers are improperly trained. When such an oversight happens, workers are put at extreme risk of injury and death.

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