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December 2013 Archives

Construction accident claims life of worker

One of the major dangers that construction workers face is whether a structure is stable or subject to collapsing. During demolition projects Pennsylvania workers and workers all across the country must take extreme precautions to protect themselves from dangerous debris that can fall when buildings are razed. Even when work crews are extremely careful deadly accidents can result.

On the Job Deaths Increase with Oil Drilling Boom

Those of us in Western Pennsylvania know that the drilling industry is alive and well in our region, bringing of flood of workers and activity.  The industry grew rapidly, increasing blue collar jobs by approximately 23% in matter of a few years.  This rapid growth, however, does not come without a cost.  Last year alone 138 drilling workers were killed on the job

Man fakes work injury for prescription drugs

For most Erie residents, getting hurt on the job is a serious matter that can impact a person and his family's abilities to pay bills and buy necessary items. Getting temporary and sometimes permanent financial support from employers, workers compensation and other sources becomes a necessary component of making in through the difficult time of a work injury.

General contractor denied request to be dismissed from PA workplace injury case

The Pennsylvania Superior Court recently rejected a general contractor's request to be dismissed as a defendant in a civil litigation case involving a workplace injury.  The case arose from a 2008 workplace accident that injured laborer (Gary Shamis).  Shamis was working on the job site when he was struck by a dump truck driven by defendant's employee.  Shamis instituted the civil suit for defendant's alleged negligence in operation of the dump truck which caused his work related injury.  The defendant claimed that Shamis was on loan as their employee at the time of the accident and accordingly was entitled to reimbursement only under workers' compensation.  Shamis, however, insists that he was employed by a sub-contractor on the site and not the defendant, general contractor. 

Pennsylvania man hurt on illegal worksite

A construction worker was sent to the hospital after he apparently made contact with unprotected electric lines and then fell from the roof of a building. Officials say that the man was laying bricks at an illegal construction site when the injury occurred.

Pennsylvania court rules against time limit in mesothelioma cases

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court recently handed down a very influential decision on the issue of civil injury claims by workers against their former employers. These types of claims are governed primarily by the Pennsylvania Workers Compensation Act, which sets strict rules for recovery by employees who have been injured on the job, including a time limit for filing claims to compensation.

Favorable PA Decision for Mental Injury Workers' Comp Claims

Typically a worker is entitled to workers' compensation when an injury or illness is work related.  Psychological injury caused by a nonphysical event(s) in the course of employment may also entitle the worker to compensation.  In these types of cases (often termed mental/mental claims) the burden of proof for the claimant is very hard to meet.  The mental/mental claimant must demonstrate that his or her mental injury was caused by "abnormal working conditions" not subjective (biased) stresses.   The burden of proof in these types of cases is often so hard to meet (and favorable outcomes so rare) that attorneys often have second thoughts about handling these types of claims.

Workers' compensation claims high among long-term care workers

When Pennsylvania residents think of jobs that offer a high risk of injury, nursing home workers probably do not come to mind. Yet a recent report indicates that reported injuries among nursing home workers are higher than reported injuries for some occupations that are considered more dangerous. Fortunately, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration is already taking steps to try to reduce work-related injuries in nursing homes a move that may result in fewer workers' compensation claims.

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