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October 2013 Archives

Heavy OSHA Citations Possible from Cirque du Soleil Performer's Death

Earlier this summer a Cirque du Soleil performer fell approximately 92 feet to her death during a performance at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.  During a fight scene in the program "Ka" the wire cable suspending the performer high above the stage broke.  It is believed that the cable broke due to the performer's rapid assent  Investigators believe the workplace fatality was due to inadequate training of the performer, an employee of Cirque du Soleil.   

Pennsylvania workers compensation system slows to a halt

A new computer system recently implemented by the state of Pennsylvania to process workers compensation claims has been fraught with problems since its launch last month. In this particular situation, technological glitches aren’t just causing inconveniences for users, but actually preventing injured workers from having access to the compensation they are entitled to under state laws.

Jogger Injured in Hit and Run in Natrona Heights

A jogger was injured Sunday afternoon when he was struck by an unidentified vehicle in Natrona Heights. Unfortunately, the driver of the vehicle responsible for the jogger's injuries did not stop at the scene of the accident. After being struck by the vehicle the jogger was able to walk to a home where emergency personnel were summoned. The jogger is being treated at Allegheny Valley Hospital. The details of this hit and run are still developing because the victim's injuries have prevented the police from conducting a full investigation.

Labor advocates express concern over poultry plant safety

Advocacy groups have expressed growing concern over what they say are unsafe conditions at poultry plants in the United States, particularly as it pertains to assembly line speeds. The USDA has faced controversy over their recommendation to allowed increased assembly line speeds, nearly doubling the number of birds that can go through the slaughtering process each minute. The current rate is 90 birds per minute, which is already a very fast pace that can result in worker injury. The recommendation is to increase it to 175 birds per minute, a rate that labor groups say would put workers at serious risk of being injured.

Man Penalized for Receiving Workers' Compensation Benefits While Working

A Kentucky man pled guilty to theft for working while receiving workers' compensation benefits, specifically wage loss and temporary total disability benefits, from the City of Cincinnati.  Due to his misconduct the man was ordered to pay over $14,000 in restitution to the City of Cincinnati.  He also was sentenced to numerous hours of community service.

Three mine accidents shine light on safety during shutdown

In a recent post we discussed whether or not government cuts could potentially lead to workplace injuries in Pennsylvania and around the country. Now, in light of the government shutdown we are seeing an extreme example of how reductions in workforces can have very serious consequences for workers. 

Should Pennsylvania work sites have stricter safety regulations?

Workplace and construction site safety regulations are a hot topic of conversation against as the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania reviews possible changes to local laws. The changes were proposed by a committee to the city council in response to the collapse of a building in Philadelphia this summer in which six people were killed. The collapse occurred on a demolition site, leading local officials to question whether current safety requirements were enough to protect workers and prevent workplace accidents.

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