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September 2013 Archives

Fayette County steel plant earns OSHA's SHARP status

When we talk about workers' compensation and workplace accidents on our blog, the stories are rarely uplifting. Usually we discuss the situation of a worker who has suffered an injury on the job or was tragically killed while working. Today, however, we have some better news to share. 

Workplace fatalities lead to jail time for executive

The former president of the company in charge of the Upper Big Branch Mine has been sentenced to three and a half years behind bars for what he admits was a practice of covering up dangerous conditions at the mine. A federal investigation revealed that executives and managers within the companies that owned and operated the mine had actively worked to conceal dangerous conditions from mine safety inspectors and that this practice led to the explosion that left 29 mine workers dead.

Table saws present risks for work injuries

Table saws are an incredibly common piece of equipment in both home workshops and in industrial workplaces. Table saw accidents are also very common, injuring about 67,000 workers in the United States every year. A table saw accident can result in knicks, cuts, or even the loss of a finger or multiple fingers. It is estimated that about 4,000 amputations each year occur as a result of table saw accidents. 

Are government cuts putting workers at risk of injury?

It's hard to read the news these days without at least glancing at a headline about the strained federal budget and states that are struggling to raise enough revenue. Budget cuts are being made, slowly, and along with those reductions have come some sacrifices. Of course, every government agency can find reasons why they should maintain their full budget, but for some the need is greater than others. 

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