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Police, firefighters, correctional officers, and other municipal employees in Pennsylvania who suffer on-the-job injuries of a temporary nature can claim compensation under the Heart and Lung Act. The claims process specified by the act is quite different in many respects than the workers' compensation system or that of private insurance companies. To successfully navigate the claims process and obtain the compensation you deserve, you will need a knowledgeable and experienced attorney.

For more than 75 years, Friday & Cox LLC has helped injured obtain the compensation they need to recover from their injuries. We understand the unique aspects of the Heart and Lung claims process. We are also highly skilled at pursuing workers' compensation and personal injury claims. We will aggressively seek to obtain all of the compensation you deserve. Contact our law firm online or call 412-668-4491 for a free consultation.

The Heart and Lung Claims Process

The Heart and Lung Act covers temporary injuries a police officer, firefighter, correctional officer, or other municipal employee suffers on the job. Fractures, broken bones, burns, and injuries inflicted by suspects or prisoners are among the injuries covered, if they are of a temporary nature. Injuries resulting in permanent disability are covered by the workers' compensation system.

Unlike workers' compensation or private insurance claims, however, the Heart and Lung Act claims are brought before the municipal authority where the injured person works. Because they are not medical providers or insurance claim specialists, they may lack understanding of the underlying aspects of injuries and the medical treatment required. Furthermore, there is no appeals process for rejected claims.

If your claim is not prepared and presented properly, you may lose your right to compensation under the Heart and Lung Act.

Offering Experienced Legal Counsel to Protect Injured Workers

The work injury attorneys at Friday & Cox LLC understand the complex issues involving the Heart and Lung Act. We know how to prepare and present strong claims in pursuit of the compensation injured workers are entitled.

We are also experienced workers' compensation lawyers, and if applicable, we can file a Heart and Lung claim and workers' compensation claim simultaneously. This may maximize the compensation you receive.

Recovering from your injury should be your No. 1 concern. Friday & Cox LLC will work to obtain the compensation you need for medical treatment, rehabilitation therapy, and other services you require to recover from your injury.

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