Dangerous toys could lead to products liability lawsuits

Dangerous toys could lead to products liability lawsuits

It is only natural for Pennsylvania parents to want to protect their children from harm, but many of them also rush out to buy every new toy that comes onto the market. Although the Consumer Product Safety Commission tries to prevent dangerous toys from landing on the shelves, some are only identified as hazardous after thousands of them have been sold. Vigilance by parents is required to keep their children safe and avoid the need for filing products liability lawsuits.

Reportedly, the CPSC recalled over 6.5 million individual toys — in about 30 recalls — over the past year, and although it is necessary to keep a lookout for toys that are recalled, parents may not be aware that they might already have a toy in their home by the time the recall is announced. Furthermore, toys bought online, and even at car boot sales, can put children in danger. The CPSC’s safety standards include size requirements of toys and their parts, toxic substance limits, choking hazards, warning labels, noise levels, and accessibility of batteries and magnets.

Going into the holidays — a time when parents typically want to make their children happy by buying the latest releases in toys — it may be wise first to check recent recalls and other warnings about risky toys. Some of the risks this year include the presence of dangerous levels of lead, balloons that pose choking hazards with no warnings on the labels, small detachable parts and computerized toys that could violate the privacy of children. Detailed information is freely available online.

Pennsylvania parents whose child was injured by a dangerous toy may be unsure about the viability of a lawsuit to recover damages. They can consult with an experienced products liability attorney who can assess the case and explain their rights. If they have grounds to sue, the lawyer can help them to establish negligence and determine whom to name as defendants when they pursue recovery of financial and emotional damages.

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